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Your Diamond Teacher SebastianHey everyone, my name is Sebastian Naturski and I am your diamond teacher. Currently, I am a law student at Humboldt University of Berlin and in my free time I like to work out, travel, learn new languages and write about diamonds.

I used to be completely clueless about diamonds. But all of that changed in the beginning of 2014 when I decided to propose to my wonderful girlfriend with whom I have been together for 5 years. I simply wanted to buy the most beautiful engagement ring with the most stunning diamond ever!

My merciless perfectionism drove me to dive deep into the topic studying diamonds as though I had to pass a state exam. The more I educated myself the more I came to realize that many salespeople in brick and mortar stores don’t even have that much of an idea about diamonds and only want to make a profit.

Back in my hometown Berlin I was offered diamonds graded by labs such as IGI and was even brashly told that they have more value! For all of you who don’t know much about grading labs, please read my post on it. The bottomline is that labs such as IGI are very well-known for their lax grading standards. Thus, their diamonds receive higher 4C grades so that diamond vendors can charge more for the diamond. Actually, this is a very common practice among brick and mortar jewelry stores.

I began an entire odysee in becoming a diamond expert and I took my time with it. For some reason diamonds exerted a strong fascination on me and I could not stop reading about them.

I have found many good sources online on diamonds but I felt that sometimes they were not specific enough. I wanted to dive deeper and out of my passion for diamonds I decided to create a website on diamonds that would answer all the questions that I had as a newbie when starting out – and many more of course 🙂

Ever since the proposal to my girlfriend who is no now my fiancé, I began taking classes on diamonds and I enjoy writing and talking about them.

Thus, I have created this website to help you out when looking for advice and information on diamonds and engagement rings. I am going to do this by conveying basic and specialised knowledge, by giving my opinions, by sharing my own experiences with you and by giving you free diamond purchasing advice.

Please leave a comment on my website or reach out to me via mail if you should have any question!

Thanks for visiting my website!


Sebastian Naturski

Founder of Your Diamond Teacher

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