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Hi there! My name is Sebastian Naturski, and I am Your Diamond Teacher. 🙂

Your Diamond Teacher Sebastian

Currently, I am a law student at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and in my free time, I like to travel, work out, learn new languages, and write about diamonds.

I used to be completely clueless about diamonds. But all of that changed at the beginning of 2014 when I decided to propose to my wonderful girlfriend with whom I have been together for five years. I wanted to buy a stunning engagement ring, and my ruthless perfectionism drove me to dive deep into the world of diamonds as though I had to pass a state exam.

Upon my research, I discovered that many salespeople in brick and mortar stores aren’t as knowledgeable as they should be and only want to make a profit. On top of that, back in my hometown Berlin, I was offered diamonds graded by IGI and was brashly told that they have more value – which is a lie because apparently, GIA and AGS are the only grading labs you should trust.

The bottomline is that labs such as IGI are well-known for their lax grading standards. Meaning, their diamonds receive higher 4Cs so that diamond vendors can demand a higher price!

For some reason, diamonds exerted a strong fascination on me, and I couldn’t stop reading about it. This inspired me to launch an entire odyssey in becoming a diamond expert.

Ever since the proposal to my girlfriend who is no now my fiancé, I began taking classes and eventually joined the diamond trade. I’ve discovered tons of great sources online, but I felt that they were not specific enough. So, what started as a passion turned into an initiative!

I created this website that’s designed to answer all the questions I had as a newbie, plus more!

My mission is to convey basic and specialized knowledge by giving my opinions, sharing my own experiences, and offering you free diamond purchasing information. Your Diamond Teacher is here to help you out when looking for professional advice on diamonds and engagement rings. Or simply boosting the romantic in you!

Let me help you get that big “Yes!”

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    Sebastian Naturski

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    Sebastian Naturski loves to write about diamonds and share his knowledge with his readers.
    When he is not working on his website he is studying law at Humboldt University of Berlin.
    He has taken part in several international law competitions and likes to broaden his horizons.
    His other big passion are languages. He is fluent in German, English, Polish and Japanese and got basic skills in French and Spanish as well.