Brian Gavin Blue Review

Brian Gavin Blue Diamond

Brian Gavin Blue Review

In my Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds Review I will have a thorough look at Brian Gavin’s signature line of blue fluorescent diamonds.

These are diamonds that have a medium, strong or even very strong blue fluorescence. Actually Brian Gavin did not sell diamonds with blue fluorescence since 1998. Brian Gavin noticed that many customers returned diamonds with blue fluorescence. This was in the beginning of e-commerce. People who bought their diamonds online often had their diamonds checked by brick and mortar store owners. These naturally told the clients that diamonds with blue fluorescence are undesirable and should be returned!

Due to the many returns Brian Gavin stopped selling diamonds with blue fluorescence. But deep down Brian Gavin knew that there is nothing wrong with blue fluorescent diamonds when chosen properly. This is where Brian Gavin Blue diamonds begin which Brian Gavin began selling again from 2009 onwards.

Is there anything wrong with blue fluorescence?

As I have described in my post about diamond fluorescence actually there is nothing wrong with blue fluorescence if you know what to look out for. There are just two sides to every coin.

Sometimes diamond fluorescence can positively impact a diamond and make it appear whiter than its true body color when exposed to UV light. In other diamonds however, the fluorescence can make a diamond look hazy or milky. This is something that you definitely want to avoid.

The bottomline therefore is to choose a high qualilty fluorescent diamond that does not have any of the negative side effects.
Luckily, Brian Gavin does exactly that for you and guarantees you that a Brian Gavin Blue diamond will not have any of the negative side effects! Indeed, every single diamond is inspected by Brian Gavin personally and has to get his personal approval to be put into his signature line.

It is for this reason that you can also buy any Brian Gavin Blue diamond and need not worry about the rest.

Advantages of Brian Gavin Blue

As the general diamond market has a prejudice against diamonds with fluorescence these diamonds usually trade around 10% – 15 % cheaper than comparable diamonds without fluorescence. This gives you a nice price benefit without any disadvantage!

Furthermore, you get to have a diamond with blue fluorescence! So, either you are buying a Gavin Brian Blue Diamond because of the price advantage. Or because you want to add some unique character to your diamond and want to see it glow blue in UV light:

Diamond Fluorescence in sunlight and in the dark

The stronger the fluorescent effect in a diamond, the more likely you will be to notice an icy blue effect under sunlight. This effect becomes particularly noticeable with strong or very strong fluorescence.

Now, usually a diamond with very strong blue fluorescence is much more likely to exhibit traces of haziness but in Brian Gavin Blue diamonds you don’t need to worry about that. On the picture below you can see three Brian Gavin Blue diamonds with strong blue fluorescence that I have randomly chosen. None of these diamonds exhibits any trace of haziness:

Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds with no trace of haziness

Of course, the blue fluorescent effect becomes particularly pronounced when you shine a UV lamp onto a diamond directly in the dark. Besides an ASET and Idealscope image Brian Gavin also provides an image of the diamond’s fluorescence in the dark.

Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds with Fluorescence

Now, you need to be aware that this effect only seems so strong on the picture because it is a diamond completely in the dark. Furthermore it is being shone on with a UV lamp from very near. So you cannot expect any effect like that in usual everyday situations!

Are Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds also Hearts & Arrows Diamonds?

Another good thing about Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds is that you get to have the same quality as in Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. In my Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows Diamonds Review I described that these diamonds are not near Hearts & Arrows diamonds but really true Hearts & Arrows diamonds that you can only find very rarely.

Brian Gavin Blue diamonds are therefore true Hearts and Arrows diamonds with all the benefits of super excellent light performance! Thus, you can expect the same rigorous standards to be applied to Brian Gavin Blue diamonds.

This actually surprises people because they would think that if Brian Gavin Blue diamonds were true H&A diamonds they would actually be called Brian Gavin Blue H&A diamonds or something like that. However, the professional customer service explained to me why Brian Gavin Blue diamonds are not marketed as H&A diamonds: “The diamond market is still not 100% okay with fluorescence in diamonds and Brian did not want the H&A name to seem less to individuals that are uncomfortable with fluorescence.”

Brian Gavin by default does not provide Hearts & Arrows images for Brian Gavin Blue diamonds but if you ask the customer service for it, you will easily be provided with an image.

Performance check of Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds

I will do a quick performance check on three Brian Gavin Blue diamonds that I have randomly chosen.

Let’s just call them diamond 1, diamond 2 and diamond 3. All three diamonds have ideal AGS cut grades in cut, symmetry, polish and light performance.

The exact parameters of the diamonds are as follows:

Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds proportions comparisonv

I know that many people get turned off by looking at exact diamond angles and percentages but let me just say this: All of these diamonds fall within the perfect diamond proportions suggested by me for super ideal cut diamonds. The only thing that slightly deviates from my suggested proportions for super ideal cut diamonds is diamond 3 with the girdle being thin to slightly thick. This is not so much of a big issue but in this case I would prefer to choose diamond 1 or diamond 2.

Now, let’s have a look at the Idealscope images of the three Brian Gavin Blue diamonds:

Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds Idealscope comparison

Although Idealscope images only have the function of evaluating light performance we can use them in this case to look at the arrows pattern of all three diamonds. In order to judge whether a diamond is a true H&A diamond you are normally better advised to look at the hearts image through a H&A viewer. However, in this case it can at least be very likely inferred that all diamonds are true H&A arrows diamonds because all the arrows look distinct, crisp and clear. If you were to buy one of these diamonds, you could easily ask the customer service for a real hearts&arrows viewer image.

Furthermore, what can be deduced from the Idealscope images is that none of these diamonds has any light leakage. Light leakage in Idealscope images is symbolized by areas of lighter (whiter) color. However, the Idealscope images in our case are nearly completely red. These Idealscope images are as perfect as a diamond can only be!

Conlusion of my Brian Gavin Blue Review

As a conclusion of my Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds review I must say that Brian Gavin Blue diamonds really live up to the quality of Brian Gavin signature hearts and arrows diamonds. Plus, they do have blue fluorescence! Check out this video to see what Brian Gavin himself has to say concerning his Brian Gavin Blue diamonds:

In neither of Brian Gavin Blue diamonds could I make out any hazy or milky spots. You enjoy the advantages of blue fluorescence like lower prices and the blue glow under UV light while not having any real disadvantage.

One disadvantage you just need to be aware of is the fact that you might not get as much money back if you decide to resell the diamond. But hopefully this is something that you will not need to do anyway.

In such a case however you could still use Brian Gavin’s upgrade policy and receive 100% of the original purchase price if you upgrade to another Brian Gavin Blue diamond that is higher in 2 of these 3 things: carat weight, clarity or color.

Go and check out Brian Gavin Blue diamonds for yourself to see what it is all about!

If you have any more questions, just drop me a comment or write me a mail!

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