Review – Is it worth buying at? Reviews Review is a relatively new player in the online engagment ring market. Lately I have seen many of their unique and creative engagement ring designs on twitter and on pinterest.

That is reason enough for me to have a close look at what is all about!

Ring designs by

Now, to put it upfront: I think that the name is among the most inaccurate company names I have ever come across! In fact, I think that none of their engagement rings can really be considered classic.

Quite the opposite I am of the opinion that most engagement rings at are outrageous, modern and unique:

Pink sapphire on black ring setting Three Stone Blue Pink Solitaire Ring Blue Topaz Pink Sapphire engagement ring

I don’t know what about you but the first association that springs to my mind when seeing those kind of engagement rings is anything but classic.

Now, you could argue that the ring designs itself are classic because they are mostly solitaire and three stone rings. Nonetheless, the ring designs are quite modern and the overall color combinations are absolutely extravagant!

Rings at are made to stand out! This is what you will quickly realize when you browse through their inventory!

Quality of diamonds and sapphires at

Another factor that distinguishes their engagement rings from a really classic engagement ring is the fact that is mostly using sapphires in their engagement rings. And these are all laboratory grown.

They will possess the same kind of qualities as a real sapphire will but it will not have the natural origin that some people might want to have. An advantage of that is that the sapphires will be free from any impurities.

Zirconia diamonds are not real diamonds but they look very similar to real diamonds. Cubic zirconia are artificial and much cheaper then real diamonds. They are not as hard as diamonds and are more prone to getting scratches and becoming dull with time of use. However, if you take good care of cubic zirconia items they can keep in good shape for a long time, too.

The only diamonds offered at are black diamonds. They are all treated black diamonds. This means that it is real diamonds that have been subjected to different heat treatments so that their color turns black. I have written an extensive article about the pros and cons of natural vs treated black diamonds.

The advantage of treated black diamonds is that the black color is very regularly distributed within a diamond. In natural black diamonds there are often spots in a diamond that have less black color than another spot might have. For this reason there are many people out there who even prefer treated black diamonds to natural black Diamonds.

Now, what you have to realize with all these kind of colored gemstones is just that they are more about enjoying the color and luster of the gemstone. You must however not expect very large flashes of light and scintillation with a colored gemstone!

Jewelry metals used at

What makes a really unique engagement ring vendor is the fact that it is offering gold ring settings in the most extraordinary colors. Apart from very usual yellow gold, white gold and rose gold ring settings you can find the following:

Pink Sapphire in blue ring setting Classic three stone red gold ring setting with black diamonds
Classic three stone ring setting in pink gold Black gold ring setting with light pink sapphires

Now, those are some seriously fanciful colors! Go and have a look at’s colored gold ring settings here.

These are all 14K gold ring settings with a rhodium alloy.

You have to be aware that all of these ring settings are high maintenance ring settings that are not necessarily suited for every day wear. Thus, the color can wear off after a time and give the ring a vintage touch.

If you don’t like that you will regularly have to reapply a rhodium alloy! Luckily, such a service is often offered by for free for up to two times within 2 years.

Terms and conditions of purchase at

Before buying at you should definitely have a very close look at’s terms and conditions of purchase.

What is really good about is the fact that all shippings are free.

Returning your ring is possible within 10 days of receiving the ring. However, you will have to pay for the return shipping and there will be a 35% restocking fee! This is mostly due to the fact that each order is custom made for you once you order it.

Please note that this applies to the standard rings that you buy directly. If you decide to make a modification to the engagement ring or design your very own engagement ring, then no returns will be possible. This is pretty much industry standard for modified and self-designed rings.

I think that one of the main reasons a customer might want to return a ring is that he thought that a black diamond in a ring setting would be a natural black diamond. However, as you know only sells treated black diamonds.

That is nothing to worry about and in fact most treated black diamonds look better than their natural counterparts.

I think that you eliminate any risk by simply reading the description of the ring and the terms and conditions of very carefully!

Conclusion of the review is a nice fit for anyone who wants to have an engagement ring with an exceptional design for a cheap price. And of course for someone who does not mind that the engagement ring does not possess natural diamonds but substitutes such as cubic zirconia or sapphires.

With some of their ring settings especially the red or black gold ring settings you have to be aware that they tend to show signs of wear pretty quickly. For this reason you will have to subject such ring settings to regular ring care.

All in all the prices are rather cheap but at the same time you have to be aware that all of the offered stones are semi-precious for one reason or another.

In the end, I feel that it is the unique designs that has to offer that are what really attracts customers to it.

If you feel like your girlfriend will like a ring like that and it does not necessarily have to be a real diamond for her, then you should definitely take a closer look at all the different styles that has to offer.

Go and check out the fascinating variety of engagement rings at now!

If you have any questions and need an objective answer, do not hesitate to write me a mail!

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