The 4 Carat Diamond Ring Guide– How to Take Advantage of that Size

When you start searching for 4 carats, you know you can afford.

So you may ask yourself, “Why does it matter how many carats? As long as it’s “big”, I don’t care.”

Well, you do though!

Because here you are putting your heart out by researching. So, good on you!

You’re on the right path. And my job is to guide you in the world of diamonds and help you discover the biggest bang for your buck!

1 Carat to 4 Carat Diamond Comparison on Finger


So, why 4 carats? Why not 3, 5, or heck even 15? It’s because we tend to root for the underdog!

4 carats is an underrated carat weight and because it sits between popular sizes, 3 and 5, prices go low. I mean, way low.

For that reason, choosing 4 carats will give you the maximum value for your money!

Here Are More Reasons You’ll Love 4 Carats:

It’s Huge

4 carats may not be comparable to Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement rings, but it’s beyond the average engagement ring size in the U.S. which is 0.9!

Take a look at this Carat Size Stimulator to see how the sizes differ:

James Allen Carat Weight Simulator


With 4 carats, you’re guaranteed that what you’re going to present to your lady is a visual treat.

This size will indeed turn heads, draw attention, and send any lover of diamonds to cloud nine.

The rock is big enough to be an ice breaker and a conversation piece.

Some women will even be hesitant to wear it in a grocery store because it will definitely look out of norm.


But if she is a fan of supreme class and extravagance, this is the size for her. Although being huge doesn’t always mean it’s going to put a hole in your pocket.

It’s also a Money-saver

If you want to go big, but still save money without compromising quality, 4 carats is just the right number. And compared to other large diamonds, it’s the mark where you can save most.

I decided to look for examples on James Allen because I liked the high definition 360° videos of their entire diamond collection.

Here’s the most expensive 3 carat diamond in James Allen:

Most expensive 3 carat in James Allen


And here’s the price range for 4 carat diamonds:

4 carats price range

The most expensive one at $71, 890 is not even close to the priciest gem in the 3 carat mark. And if you’ll look closely, the 4 carats has a better cut and clarity as well.

This has something to do with the unpopularity of the size.


Another example is the 5 carat range. See how the value escalates compared to 4 carats:

5 carats price range
Now that you have a gist of how much it’s worth, you must learn how to identify a high quality 4 carat gem. The following factors will help you understand the uniqueness of every diamond. And given the criteria below, you’ll be able to find the 4 carats that’s worth your money and of course, your effort!

What Makes an Exquisite 4 Carats?


You may not notice it, but diamonds that are usually known to be crystal clear have variations with a tinge of yellow to brown color. The more colorless a diamond is, the more “icy white” it will appear in general. There are some things to bear in mind though!

So, since people find colorless diamonds more attractive, they’re sold at a premium price!

The Diamond Color Grading

One more thing about color is the larger the diamond is, the more body color it will trap.

So, if you’ll compare 1 carat to 4 carats with the same color, 1 carat will appear more colorless because of the 4 carats’ bigger dimensions.

But let me tell you that you don’t have to pick the best color grade because you won’t be able to differ D (highest color) from G (near-colorless) in normal viewing anyway.

Thus, you may choose a G to I color that would also cost considerably less.

However, if you really want to save more, you may opt for a J or K grade because even if the hint of yellow is apparent, the diamond will seem colorless if you put it on a yellow gold or rose setting.


To see what I mean, just have a look at these examples:

        • yellow gold round cut J colored with VS1 clarity excellent cut 4 carats
        • rose gold round cut J colored with VS1 clarity excellent cut 4 carats

These are both round J colored, with VS1 clarity, excellent cut 4 carats. By clicking the images you can actually view them from all angles and a see how the diamonds’ color blend with the rings.

Apparently, the diamonds’ body color have absorbed the ring settings’ color. With this knowledge, you may opt for a lower color grade and spend more money on cut and clarity!


Same with diamond color, with great mass comes great inclusions. But, not all the time because there are large diamonds that are eye clean. I’m just saying that bigger gems are more prone to flaws. That’s why we use clarity grades to determine the amount of inclusions or blemishes in and out of a diamond.

Diamond clarity grading system

With 4 carats, you guessed it right. It will probably have more inclusions, but they could also be invisible to the naked eye. And that’s what’s important!

If they cannot be seen with your bare eyes then it can pass as eye clean. That’s all you need to look for. So for a safe choice, go with an eye clean VS2 or higher!

Watch eye clean and not eye clean 4 carats in 20x magnification by clicking the images:

        • Eye clean 4.00 CARAT I VS2 VERY GOOD CUT ROUND DIAMOND Eye Clean – 4 Carats I-VS2 Very Good Cut
        • nNot eye clean 4.00 CARATS K SI2 VERY GOOD CUT ROUND DIAMOND Not Eye Clean – 4 Carats K-SI2 Very Good Cut

Near-colorless grade, check. Eye clean VS2 clarity, check. And I saved the best for last. Because without it, these will all go down the drain. It’s what governs the 4Cs, the ruler of the diamond criteria, and the maker and breaker of fine gems!


The cut lets you know how well-proportioned a diamond is. With superb cut, the light will evenly traverse through the diamond without leaking and beautifully reflect back to the viewer’s eye.

Thus, more majestic sparkle!

GIA classifies cut grades into 5 categories, while AGS labels diamonds into 6 cut grades:

GIA and AGS cut grades

Also, a well cut diamond can conceal the inclusions because it has more fire and scintillation.

I talked about how we can read those through Idealscope and ASET images in this post!

So, suppose you’re down to two 4 carats with the same cut, color, and clarity grades, is there another factor to crown a winner? Actually, there is! Look out for symmetry!


James Allen hearts and arrow

“A Hearts and Arrows diamond shows an arrow pattern. When displayed on its pavilion side, the diamond presents the eye with 8 hearts with tiny ‘v’ shapes.

Genuine Hearts and Arrows have these patterns visible at a single glance, indicating that the diamond has perfect optical symmetry.”

Learn more about Hearts and Arrows here!

Now that we have excellent cut and a bonus of symmetry to add with great color and clarity, where do you find this perfect 4 carats diamond ring?

Legit Online Shopping

Believe the pros when they say, buying online is smarter than deciding between high street jewelers and brick and mortar stores.

diamond online shopping

When you go to physical shops, you’ll be talked into their pitch and be handed with limited pieces until you have no choice but to choose.

While top online diamond shops today wear good reputations supported by authentic reviews and professional grading certificates from GIA.


You’ll be able to access thousands of the best diamonds and settings from affordable to the most expensive collections. Aside from saving more than 50% of the costs from dodging sales commissions, shopping online also lets you play around the 4Cs and filter what you want.


James Allen 20x magnification

And if you would like to know more about a specific diamond, online shops like James Allen provide HD videos with up to 40x magnification and 360° Diamond Display.

Right on, technology!

Final Thoughts

Buying a diamond is never an easy task. On top of spending thousands of dollars, it’s going to be the timeless symbol of your love and commitment.

But given the tips above and the guidance of non-commissioned diamond experts from online diamond shops, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect 4 carats diamond ring for your future wife.

Got questions?

Ask away in the comments section below or email me here! I usually answer within 24 hours. 🙂