You’re probably here right now because you believe that there could be a slight chance that lower graded diamonds can actually be better than higher graded ones!


As you know, the price goes down together with the clarity grade. And for most people, it goes without saying that the overall sparkle also moves down a notch – which is a myth! Still, something inside you is hoping that the SI2 diamond could be better, simply for the honest reason that you can save more money without compromising beauty!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. ?

But before we get down to business, let’s see what the SI1 and SI2 diamonds are all about. Get to know them a little more, so you can firmly decide which one’s indeed better for you – or rather, for the love of your life.

What Does SI1 and SI2 Mean?

These titles aren’t just made up codes! According to GIA, one of the two most trusted sources of gem knowledge in the world, aside from AGS, the term SI1 stands for “slightly included 1” which means that there are inclusions and they are visible under 10x magnification, but they may or may not be noticeable with your bare eyes.

While a SI2 clarity diamond means “slightly included 2” which is a grade lower. It has inclusions that are easily seen under a 10x loupe and some of its flaws are possibly seen with the naked eye.

Now, here’s an example of SI1 and SI2 diamonds from James Allen, one of the best online diamond shops today.

Look closely and see how the amount of inclusions differ among the two gems: