What is the Best Diamond Color for Platinum Rings? (With 2023 Examples)

Platinum rings are becoming increasingly popular for diamond engagement rings.

Platinum actually looks exactly like white gold. Platinum however does have the advantage of not causing any allergic reactions to the skin. And of course, platinum is also associated with a higher status 🙂

Platinum Channel Set Ring Setting   Platinum Solitaire Ring Setting

In this post I want to show you which diamond color you should choose for a platinum ring setting. My main focus will be on getting you the biggest bang for your buck, of course 🙂

The Best Color Grade for Round Cut Diamonds on Platinum Settings

Round cut diamonds on a platinum ring setting look best in the H – J color range. Many people are actually surprised to hear that. They think that a J colored diamond would look way too dark on a platinum ring setting. This however is not the case.

To prove that I have picked two J colored diamonds that are set onto a platinum ring. And I have picked two extreme examples with two 2.00ct diamonds:

2.00ct J colored SI2 diamond on a Solitaire Platinum Ring   2.00ct J colored SI2 diamond on a Platinum Channel Set Ring

Just looking at the pictures will not give you the entire truth. But if you actually click on any of the two pictures you will be able to view the ring together with the diamond from all sides and angles in high definition. Just make sure to choose the right diamond from the list.

When viewing the diamond from all sides you will see that in both cases the diamond looks perfect from the top view. This is due to the fact that each diamond picks up a lot of the color of the ring metal. You will also see that if you view the diamond from the side you might notice a VERY faint hint of body color. Not everybody is even able to notice that hint of color depending on how sensitive their eyes are to picking up hues of color in a diamond. You still have to remember that this is a video in 20x magnification. I know that in real life you will hardly be able to make out that hint of body color.

Please also bear in mind that both of these diamonds are 2.00ct in size! The larger the diamond the more easily its body color can be seen. Despite that both diamonds still look very decent on both platinum ring settings. I am sure that nobody would ever say anything bad about the diamond color of any of these two diamonds on the platinum ring.

Thus, J colored diamonds will give you the best bang for your buck as far as platinum ring settings are concerned.

Of course, for people who want to play it safer it is still okay to go for an H color or an I color.

I thought it might be quite interesting to compare an H colored diamond with an J colored diamond on a platinum ring. On the left we have an H colored diamond and on the right we have a J colored diamond:

1.11ct H colored SI1 Diamond on Platinum Solitaire Ring Setting   0.75ct J colored VS1 Diamond on Platinum Solitaire Ring Setting

In direct comparison the H colored diamond looks better. But this partly also has to do with the fact that there is direct light shining on the H colored diamond and there isn’t any shining on the J colored diamond on the right.

Thus, if you do have concerns about J colored diamonds pick an H or I color. But do not go better than an H color. This will definitely be a waste of your money. Rather invest in more carat weight or a better cut. As you might know I always recommend to go for the best diamond cut possible!

The Best Color Grades for Emerald, Princess and Asscher Cut Diamonds on Platinum Rings

If you intend to set a princess cut diamond, an emerald cut diamond or an Asscher cut diamond on a platinum ring setting I recommend to go up one color grade. Thus, I would advise to go for the color range between G – I. The reason for this is the fact that the aformentioned diamonds have a stronger tendency than round cut diamonds to show off their body color.

Thus, let us first check out what an I color grade of these particular diamond shapes actually looks like when set onto a platinum ring:

1.00ct I colored SI2 Princess Cut Diamond on a Platinum Ring Setting  0.96ct I colored VVS2 Emerald Cut Diamond on Solitaire Platinum Ring  1.51ct I colored VS1 Asscher Cut Diamond on a Solitaire Platinum Setting

If you take the effort to examine all three diamonds you will see that all of them look splendid on the platinum ring setting. None of these diamonds exhibits the slightest hue of body color when viewed from all angles.

Thus, with these diamond shapes I even think it is less necessary to go towards the higher spectrum of my recommended range compared to round cut diamonds.

But still, let us compare a G colored princess cut diamond with an I colored princess cut diamond. The G-colored diamond is on the left and the I-colored diamond is on the right:

1.20ct G colored VS1 Princess Cut Diamond set onto a Platinum Ring    0.51ct I colored SI1 Princess Cut Diamond on Platinum Ring

Now, in this case if you compare both diamonds to each other you can see that the G colored diamond looks slightly brighter. However, this is something that you can only see in direct comparison. If you only had the I-colored diamond ring on its own it would look absolutely nice as well.

Thus, if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck when choosing a princess cut diamond, an emerald cut diamond or an asscher cut diamond for a platinum ring I recommend the H-color or I-color grade.

The Best Color Grades for all other Diamond Shapes for Platinum Rings

Concerning all the other diamond shapes I recommend to go up another color grade and choose the F – H color range for all platinum ring settings. This concerns diamond shapes like the marquise cut, oval cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, heart shape and pear shape.

These diamond shapes are particularly prone to revealing their natural color hue.

Thus, let us have a look at some examples of such diamonds with an H color on platinum rings:

1.01ct H color VVS2 Pear Shaped Diamond on an Etched Profile Solitaire Platinum Ring  1.00ct H colored SI2 Cushion Cut Diamond on a Platinum Etched Rope Solitaire Ring Setting  1.02ct H colored VS2 Oval Cut Diamond on a Platinum Ring

In this case the pear shaped diamond on the left and the Cushion cut diamond in the middle look absolutely good. Only the Oval cut diamond on the right has a very tiny tendency to show its body color. If you view the diamond from all sides however you see that it shows off less body color than you would think when only looking at the picture.

Sure, with an F color for these diamond shapes you will be extremely safe and it the diamond will look perfectly icy white no matter what! I still think that an F color is a little bit over the top though. Below you can see an F colored oval cut diamond on the left and an H colored oval cut diamond on the right:

1.51ct F colored VVS1 Oval Cut Diamond on a Platinum Solitaire Ring   1.25ct H colored VS1 Oval Cut Diamond on Platinum Solitaire Ring Setting

If you view the 360° videos of both platinum rings you will see that the F colored oval cut diamond looks indeed superbly icy white. The H colored diamond still looks white but maybe not as icy. Once again, this is something that you can only pick up in direct comparison.

If you are not comfortable with an H colored diamond rather go for a G colored diamond than an F colored diamond. As the F color grade belongs to the colorless group and the G color grade to the near-colorless group the price differences might sometimes be more pronounced than expected.

If you have any other questions just leave me a comment or write me a mail!