Emerald Cut Diamonds – The Classic Shape Worn by Stars

Emerald cuts are loved by the old and new! Those who are into current styles must have seen emerald cut diamonds from celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé. While some women, specifically those with the fascination over vintage feel, simply adore the cut because it’s a classic!

Emeral Cut Diamonds Grace Kelly


This Art Deco stone, just like the cycle of fashion, has made a huge comeback. And their dramatic, yet straightforward brilliance makes them one of the most sought-after engagement rings today!

Read on and find out if this diamond cut is what you should be popping the question with. Discover its pros and cons, and of course, the science behind its wow factor. Most importantly, learn how you can save money with this extraordinary cut. Because if there’s one thing I always impart, it’s how you can get the biggest bang for your buck! But, first things first…

What are Emerald Cut Diamonds?

Emeral cut diamonds

You might wonder what this shape has to do with the emerald gemstone. Well, it’s actually the inspiration! Emerald cuts are some of the most unique stones amounting to only 3% of all the diamonds in the world. The elongated form, linear facets, and large table make them exceptional.

Emerald cut diamonds also produce a hall-of-mirrors effect exhibiting a fusion of the light and dark planes. The longer lines and unique play of light exude a graceful charm and an art deco flair.

So, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Thinking man

1. Emerald Cut Diamonds Are Not as Sparkly as Brilliant Cuts

Most diamond shapes are cut for brilliance. Emerald diamonds however, are cut differently and their sparkle is more subtle. They’re also known as step cuts – the kind of facet styling responsible for producing the hall of mirrors effect. The flashes of white light seen in this effect complement the dark planes in each step. Even though it doesn’t create that much fire like a round cut, the edges of a well-proportioned emerald cut will still have sparkle.

2. They Clearly Display Flaws

Since emerald cut diamonds possess longer and wider facets being step-cuts, they also tend to expose the slightest of imperfections. Because of lesser brilliance and scintillation, flaws can be seen by the naked eye. Inclusions in an emerald cut diamond are more visible compared to round cuts.

Just take a look at these two stones for example:






The emerald cut, despite having a higher clarity grade, looks much more included than the round cut with a low clarity grade. As you can see, the inclusions are highlighted by its big stepped surface.

3. Color is Also More Evident

With their large, open facets, emerald cut diamonds reveal color easily – especially for 1.5 carats or more – compared to other cuts. Diamonds from D to F show virtually the same colors, but if you’ll look closely at the emerald cuts from H to I, you’ll see how the warmer colors are easily displayed:

D Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


E Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


F Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


G Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


H Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


I Color Emerald Cut Diamonds


Now that you’re aware of the emerald cut diamonds’ drawbacks, I will show you how to manipulate the cons above to your benefit. Take note of these shopping tips below!

How to Find the Perfect Emerald Cut

1. Consider Cut Proportions


First off, let me clarify that the diamond cut is different from the diamond shape. Although we use the term “cut” when referring to shapes such as “round cut” and “princess cut”, the true meaning of cut is the proportions of the diamond.

If you don’t know already, the cut is the most important characteristic in the diamond 4Cs as a great cut allows the gem to exhibit the best sparkle. We would also always recommend opting for stones graded by GIA or AGS as they’re the only reliable diamond grading labs in the US.

But here’s the thing, there is no cut grade by GIA for emerald diamonds. The cut proportions below are only for reference. So, to guarantee your diamond’s quality, I urge you to have it inspected first!



Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

Most Affordable Proportions

Table % 61% – 68% 59% – 70%
Depth % 60% – 65% 57% – 68%
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Slightly Thick
Culet None Very Small
Polish/Symmetry Excellent – Very Good Excellent – Very Good

2. Check the Length to Width Ratio

Emerald cut diamonds come in an almost square shape to a narrow rectangle shape. To see how wide or narrow your stone is, we get the ratio by dividing the length by the width.

And the standard length to width ratio is around 1.50:


Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

Most Affordable Proportions

Square 1.00 – 1.03 1.00 – 1.03
Rectangle 1.40 – 1.50

1.30 – 1.39 / 1.51 – 1.60

In this image, you can see that the larger the ratio, the slimmer the emerald diamond is:







3. Opt for a VS2 Clarity Grade

Clarity is subjective. You could be transfixed on an absolutely flawless grade – the best of the best! Or you could be okay with minute inclusions as long as you don’t see them with your bare eyes.

I would always recommend not going higher than VS2 as the higher grades will look the same – eye clean! Going with VS2 will save you money while assuring a great-looking emerald cut diamond!

Here's the emerald cut diamond clarity guide:

Carat Size

Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

Most Affordable Proportions

.50 or less FL – VS2 SI1
.51 – 1 FL – VS1 VS2
1 – 2 FL – VVS2 VS1 – VS2
2 or more FL – VVS2 VS1

But then again, it’s up to you if you prefer having the highest grades. Just be sure to stay away from SI2 gems as their inclusions can easily be seen without loupe!

4. Pick an F-G Color

Like clarity, color preferences depend on the beholder. Some shoppers are more attracted to stones with a tint of yellow than icy-white gems. Since it’s difficult to set colors D-F apart, it would be smart to opt for the lower and inexpensive grade, unless you’re an idealist or an investor, of course.

To guarantee there’s no hint of warm colors, I would advise not going lower than G:

Carat Size

Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

Most Affordable Proportions

.50 or less D – G H – I
.51 – 1 D – F G
1 – 2 D – F D – F
2 or more D – F D – F
Fluorescence None Faint

Still not sure about emerald cut diamonds?

Well, the icing on the cake always comes last. After you’ve done your homework and taken to heart the tips above, you’ll find these bonus features amplifying her big “Yes” even more!

Why She’ll Love Emerald Cut Diamonds

1. They Make Fingers Look Slimmer

Emeral cut diamonds on finger 2

The emerald cut diamonds’ elongated shape gives the illusion of slender fingers. And let’s face it, the diamond’s visual allure is what it’s celebrated for. So, if her sparkling gem can also make her fingers seem slimmer and chicer to look at, then that’s a pretty good deal, right?

2. They Make Engagement Rings Look Bigger!

It’s actually 5% greater in diameter than a round diamond. If you compare an emerald cut and a round cut with the same specs, it will be pretty evident how much bigger the emerald diamond is.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Carat Sizes

This cut is pretty much adored because it seems like it’s bigger than the round cut even with the same carat weight. Meaning, you can have a diamond that looks larger and spend 15-25% less!

3. Emerald Cut Diamonds are More Affordable

This one is actually more for you. Overall, emerald cut diamonds are deemed as more affordable. Even though they’re rarer than round or princess cuts, they’re also less in demand. With their uniqueness, their pricing becomes inexpensive, but their quality remains nothing short of topnotch. It’s just that mainstream media have always glorified princess and round diamonds.

Take these two diamonds with the same specs for example:


$4,750 – Round Cut Diamond


$3,700 – Emerald Cut Diamond

Ready to Buy Emerald Cut Diamonds?

If you haven’t tried online shopping yet, then you must have doubts buying your engagement ring via a digital shop. Nowadays, anything can be bought online, but let me assure you that it’s totally safe!

man online shopping for engagement rings

Of course, you would have to go to reliable diamond sites like Whiteflash or Brian Gavin. But the one that’s currently on top of my list is James Allen. Not only do they have an advanced filter tool, they also offer a diamond display technology that’s a must in viewing emerald cuts’ color and clarity.

Why don't you take a look at their extensive collection and see if your emerald cut engagement ring is in there somewhere? 🙂

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Should you have questions, let me know in the comments section below. Or write to me!



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