The Radiant Cut Diamond Guide – The Fiery Modern Fusion

Diamond shapes possess distinct features that make them stand out. We love the round cut for its classic shape. The asscher’s cropped corners appeal to those who like something extraordinary, while the emerald’s elegant open facets are chosen by vintage wearers.

Radiant Cut Diamonds


But let me tell you that you can experience all three in one shape! Radiant cut diamonds exhibit the merge of brilliance, unique cut, and bold facet styling. Marrying these superb features allows radiant cut diamonds to produce excellent fire, brilliance, and scintillation without compromising style.

You can indeed have it all with radiant cut diamonds. But before rushing to the shopping cart, let’s get to know the shape a little deeper so you can find a certified and affordable one with a visual performance that spells wow!

Radiant Cut Diamonds History

Radiant Cut Diamonds History


With only 40 years of existence, the radiant cut diamond is seen as a newcomer compared to other shapes with over a century under their belt. Although, that doesn’t make it less remarkable.

The creator, Henry Grossbard, has been a master diamond cutter for 30 years when he designed the radiant cut in 1977. He wanted to combine the long, elegant shape of the emerald cut and the fiery brilliance of the round cut. Well, you could say that he succeeded tremendously!

Celebrity Radiant Cut Diamonds

Celebrity Radiant Cut Diamonds

Today, the magnificent diamond is seen on the crème de la crème and Hollywood royalties. Khloe Kardashian received a 12.5-carat radiant from her then-husband Lamar Odom. Jennifer Lopez wore a rare pink radiant given by Ben Affleck that’s said to be worth 2.5 million while Drew Barrymore was proposed to by Will Kopelman with a 4-carat radiant cut held by a French setting full of diamonds!

What Should Be on Top of Your List – Cut Quality

Radiant Cut Diamonds Cut

Before thinking about size or style, know that the diamond cut is the maker and breaker of brilliance in a diamond. And a sparkly diamond is the whole point! Although radiant cut diamonds don’t a have a cut grade by top labs GIA and AGS, there are cut proportions that give them the reason for their name:


Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

Most Affordable Proportions

Table % 61% – 69% 57% – 60% or 70% – 72%
Depth % 61% – 67% 59% – 58.9% or 70.1% – 74%
Girdle Thin – Thick Thin – Thick
Culet None Very Small
Polish/Symmetry Excellent Excellent

The 70 facets found in its crown and pavilion are precisely contoured to produce great fire and brilliance that can only be topped by a Round Brilliant Cut. Some may assume that the princess cut is the premiere square diamond that’s designed with the brilliant-cut facet pattern in both the crown and pavilion and thus making it sparkle like a round. But it only comes second to the radiant cut!

When it comes to aesthetics, the cropped corners of radiant cuts look like a mash of a princess and cushion, and this makes them pairable with the two other shapes. Given their precisely beveled corners, radiant cut diamonds offer exceptional durability perfect for women who are always on the go.

The Different Types of Radiants – Shape Composition

Different Types of Radiant Cut Diamonds

In a traditional sense, radiant cut diamonds are usually rectangular, but they also have varieties that are square-looking. Some confuse square radiant cuts with the cushion cut. However, the noticeable difference is all in their internal structure; radiants have more facets and a signature sparkle.

Though aside from the outline, how do we differ a square from a rectangle radiant cut? Well, square radiants have better brilliance and are best worn as solitaire earrings, while longer radiant cut diamonds possess more fire and will look great when worn as a necklace.


          0.70 CARAT I VS1Square Radiant


          0.70 Carat I VS1Rectangle Radiant


      If you’re for the square shape, the princess cut would seem more appealing. In fact, radiants are termed as “cut corner rectangular modified brilliant” or “cut corner square modified brilliant” by the GIA as they see radiant cut diamonds as princess cuts with corners cut off.

      But do know that radiant cut diamonds are more than just the shape. They’re scintillating square diamonds that exhibit concentric circles radiating from the center. Just take a look at this chart:

      Radiant Cut Diamonds Composition

      Length to Width Ratio

      Now, since the complex insides of a diamond are made up of a symmetrical webbing of facets, cutters make sure everything’s proportioned to achieve the best scintillation possible. The length to width ratio describes how proportion the radiant cut is based on the cutter’s intended shape (square or rectangle).

      Radiant Cut Diamonds Length to Width Ratio

      It actually depends on what shape looks good to you. The classic range is 1.00-1.35 with 1:00 being the perfect square. If you go up to 2.0, it will look more rectangular. I personally prefer 1.15-1.25 – just enough to showcase its concentric stylings in a rectangular shape.

      Spotting Eye Clean Stones – Diamond Clarity

      Radiant Cut Diamonds Clarity

      You may have found a radiant cut with an excellent cut but not knowing of the diamond’s clarity can make any brilliant diamond appear unpleasant. If your diamond is eye clean or isn’t showing any inclusions to the naked eye, nothing can take away from its supposed brilliance.

      With the radiant cut’s many facets resembling a crushed ice look, flaws can be well hidden. Opting for high clarity grades will only cost you more money, and they will all look the same when viewed with bare eyes or without a diamond loupe.




      • I would recommend a SI1 – SI2 for you can find eye clean stones in this range and probably allot the money you’ll save for better cut proportions or a bigger carat weight.

        Please refer to this clarity guide to make sure you won’t be paying for an invisible feature:

        Carat Size

        Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

        Most Affordable Proportions

        .50 or lessSI1SI2.51 – 1SI1SI21 – 2VS2 – SI1SI22 or moreVS1 – VS2SI1 – SI2

        The Bowtie Effect

        Although it’s more apparent in marquise, oval, and pear shapes, some radiant cut diamonds tend to show a bowtie effect as well. This pattern cannot be seen in a diamond certificate alone, so better take note of this upon visual inspection. Here are radiant cut diamonds with and without the bowtie effect:

              • 0.75 CARAT F VS2 RADIANT CUT DIAMOND

                0.75 Carat F-VS2With Bowtie Effect

              • 0.95 CARAT F VS2 RADIANT CUT DIAMOND

                0.95 Carat F-VS2Without Bowtie Effect

            It’s a Personal Choice – Diamond Color

            James Allen Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

            Like diamond clarity, you don’t have to go for the highest grade to achieve the best look. It’s true that radiant cut diamonds tend to show more color compared to other shapes.

            But you can still get away with an H color. It will appear colorless when paired with a white setting, even more so with a yellow setting. And if you go for a much lower grade, the diamond will still look white amidst a darker setting.

            So basically, it’s really up to you. If you want to have an icy-white diamond, go for an H and beyond. And if you prefer warmer tones, you’ll be able to maximize your budget with lower color grades.

            Refer to this color guide when choosing your preferred color for your radiant:

            Carat Size

            Your Diamond Teacher Recommended Proportions

            Most Affordable Proportions

            .50 or less F – G H
            .51 – 1 F – G H
            1 – 2 D – H D – H
            2 or more D – G D – G
            Fluorescence None Faint – Medium

            Finding Legit Radiant Cut Diamonds

            Radiant Cut Engagement Ring


            Now that you know what to look for and watch to out for, you then have to validate your diamond. As a matter of fact, you should be checking the legitimacy before delving into proportions.

            Diamond certificates by reputable labs such as GIA and AGS stamp a seal of quality on your diamond. They’re the only labs you should trust as the other labs are laxer and inconsistent with their grading standards. A GIA or AGS graded diamond will assure you that you’re getting your money’s worth and no vendor can manipulate the quality and pricing!

            What’s Next?

            James Allen Zoom

            After making sure your radiant is certified by legit labs, you may now put the 4Cs guide into play. Don’t just check the diamond report, inspect the diamond with high-tech imagery.

            Top diamond stores like James Allen have introduced a whole new way of diamond shopping. Radiant cut diamonds can be viewed with a super zoom and 360° HD. And with this diamond display technology, you’ll be able to see imperfections much clearer than a brick and mortar store’s 10x loupe!

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