Diamond Query: Is it Worth Spending $5,000 More on Slightly Higher Color and Clarity Grades?

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Hi Sebastian!

Came across your website as I’m searching for my engagement ring. Thank you for developing such a thoughtful website. I’m currently trying to decide between a 1.9 HSI1 with ideal cut (145800) and a 1.9 GVS2 (19300).

I know there’s a price difference and while I prefer to save, I am willing to pay the higher fee esp if the 1.9 HSI1 is not considered “eye-clean”. Here are the two stones I’m referring to.

Please let me know if you have any tips for me. Thank you, Sebastian!

GIA 1263527662

GIA 1263527662 Diamond Image

GIA 1263527662

1.90 Carat H-SI1 Excellent Cut





GIA 5182673314

GIA 5182673314 Diamond Image

GIA 5182673314

1.90 Carat G-VS2 Excellent Cut



Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. I am glad to hear that the information on my website has been helpful!

Both diamonds are great. I would choose the SI1. It is absolutely eye-clean. And it is not worth spending the extra money.

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Thank you for the reply Sebastian!

Super helpful, for guys like me that are lost on what to pay attention to! If I may just run one more by you. Here’s a 2.04 HSI2 with a good proportion but a large inclusion on the side.

2.04 Carat H-SI2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond

2.04 Carat H-SI2 Excellent Cut

2.04 Carat H-SI2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond GIA

The cost of this HSI2 2.04 is similar to the HSI1 1.9 I sent you on previously email. Do you have a recommendation/one you like better?

I was leaning towards the 1.9 HSI1 mostly because I thought the large inclusion on HSI2 will be noticeable with naked eyes and they’re not significantly different in size. Proportion on HSI2 might be slightly better tho. Thank you again! Let me know if there are any ways I can help your business/site!

Your Diamond Teacher |

I agree with you, I would choose the 1.90ct, H, SI1, simply because it is a higher clarity grade. 🙂

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Thank you Sebastian! Happy to leave feedbacks/reviews if it’d help!

Your Diamond Teacher |

My pleasure. Happy to help!