Diamond Query: Is This 1.21-Carat H-VVS1 True Hearts Ideal Cut Diamond a Good Buy?

| Anonymous Reader

Hi, I need to buy an engagement ring and thinking of buying a diamond online and then getting it made by a jeweller as this could save thousands of dollars. Is that true? I went to the shops the diamonds i was looking at seem about 75% more.

I was thinking of James Allen, 1.2 carat, H colour, VVS2, Ideal cut (best cut). $11K USD for the diamond. I see other online sites with lesser prices but dont know if I could trust them. I’m looking to buy a diamond with peace of mind at a fair/market price. I just dont want to get ripped off.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated. Thanks!


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

Typically, buying a diamond online from a reputable online diamond retailer, will be much more cost effective. James Allen is an excellent online diamond retailer.

If you would like to share the link to the diamond you are considering, I can offer my advice.



| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,





I was looking at something like this? They have several similar with slightly different defects eg feathers, pin point, cloud etc. Confusing to me. Are they all similar? I was looking at 1.2 carat, H colour, VVS1  to VVS2, Ideal cut. Any suggestions is much appreciated 🙂 Thanks!


Your Diamond Teacher |


The diamond you selected from James Allen is an excellent choice. You can absolutely purchase this diamond with complete confidence.

This is a very high clarity grade, therefore, you do not need to be at all concerned about the inclusions.



| Anonymous Reader

Thanks for the advice! I’m not sure if I will get it now because of timing issues. I want to collect it when I go to the USA to avoid the Australia taxes eg 1700 usd. My trip is delayed so I’ll wait until it’s confirmed and then order the diamond.

Can I let you know which one I will get again and get your advice? It will be something similar so I assume for the money and type is should be good quality. Thanks again for your advice, extremely kind of you. Cheers!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Absolutely! I am here for you when you are ready! 🙂






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