Diamond Query: Is this 1.30-Carat H-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond Eye Clean?

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Your site has been a huge help so far and I feel much more comfortable than I did a couple months back. I am looking for a round diamond and my overall budget is $10,000 including the setting. I am trying to get the biggest ct eye clean diamond possible.

I am looking to get the best cut however (Based on your advice!) I feel like I found a fair priced diamond that meets all my criteria but I just cannot tell if it is eye clean. It is VS2 but it just looks like it has a ton of blemishes. I like that the proportions are all within your guidelines…..which is something that has been very tough to find.




Thank you in advance!



Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. I am glad to hear that the information on my website has been a huge help and that I made you feel more comfortable. Thank you!

You've done a great job selecting the below diamond from JamesAllen.com. Well done! It is a perfect choice. It is definitely eye-clean. And the proportions/angles are perfect. It is a “high” H color diamond, meaning whiter than other H color diamonds.

You can purchase this diamond with confidence. I hope this helps!



| Anonymous Reader

Thank you so much. I went ahead and bought this diamond and am excited for it to arrive. I’ll make sure to steer fellow friends when the time comes to your site!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Excellent! You are welcome. I'd love to hear back from you when you receive it. 🙂




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