Diamond Query: 1900 Old European Cut Diamond Ring vs. Vintage 1970s Diamond Ring – what is the better quality ring (and diamond) (is the more expensive ring actually worth it)?

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Hi Sebastian,

I am currently deciding between 2 different diamond rings. One is a circa 1900 old European cut diamond, a little over 1 ctw, M-N color. The other is a vintage circa 1970s diamond ring (see here on Etsy): https://www.etsy.com/listing/205722014/vintage-ladies-14k-yellow-gold-3-stone

Etsy Engagement Ring

The ring on Etsy (vintage 1970s ring) also came with an appraisal and it said the cut for all of the diamonds in the ring was “fair.” The antique circa 1900s ring costs $5500, while the circa 1970s ring costs 4500.

My question is, what is the better quality ring (and diamond) (is the more expensive ring actually worth it)? I would like my diamond to be at least 1 ctw, but I also want it to be high quality. I have read that the 1 ctw with a fair cut is prioritizing size over quality, which is not what I want to do.

What do you think? Are there other questions that I should be asking the people that own the jewelry? The circa 1900s ring was found at a jewelry store, so I also am wondering if that is partly why it is pricier. Any feedback you can offer is welcome. Thank you!

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Thank you for your inquiry. There are many variables that impact pricing. My first thought is, the old European cut diamond is rarer, so this can influence pricing.

An Old European cut has less facets than a modern round brilliant cut, which means it could be less sparkly. Does the OEC in the store look sparkly enough for you?

Regarding size, you should find out the millimeter measurements of each diamond. It is possible that the 0.94ct is actually larger in millimeter measurements than the 1ct OEC.

I would also ask if the local jeweler will negotiate on price, if price is a sticking point between the two rings. 🙂

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Thank you!!! 🙂