Diamond Query: Are Bigger Carat and Better Clarity Worth the $7,000 Upgrade?

| Anonymous Reader

Dear Sebastian, I found your website while trying to learn more about diamonds. As a guy with no prior knowledge on diamonds, I feel lucky to find you and I kindly ask for your thoughts on my options. My budget is $20,000, but it’s flexible (+ – $3,000), and it includes the ring setting.

I was originally looking at J-Color 2.7 carat + diamonds. I have been shopping with my girlfriend so she can get what she truly wants and found out that J would not work for her. So we’ve settled on H-color and SI – VS2, triple X, no fluorescence.

Here are the three options that is presented to us:

2.15 H, SI1, Triple X, H&A, 1.3 HCA score (GIA 6245351587) – USD$17,000 + $500 platinum classic four prong solitaire setting.
2.10 H VS2, Triple X, H&A, 1.8 HCA score (GIA 5266151488) – USD$20,500 + $500 platinum classic four prong solitaire setting.
2.42 H, VS2, Triple X, H&A, 1.3 HCA score (GIA 6261223141) – USD$24,000 + $500 platinum classic four prong solitaire setting.

Do you recommend any of the options above? I am willing to spend a little more than my budget if 2.42 H VS2 is a really good value. Can you please help me? Thank you so much!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help! And congratulations on your pending engagement! Are the diamonds you’re looking at from an online retailer or a local shop?

I just want to know if there are any visual/ links of the diamonds for me to look at.

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Thanks so much for your email. These diamonds are from a local shop, but I was able to get some images. I have attached two pdf files containing images of GIA 6261223141:

GIA 6261223141

and GIA 6245351587:

GIA 6245351587

I do not have the images for 2.10 H VS2. I really appreciate your help.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thanks for the images. So, if the SI-1 diamond is eye-clean, which I expect it is…I would select this one, because it is the most affordable and will offer the same look, but at a friendlier price point. The Idealscope images look great on this one, too, which means it will have the great sparkle.

The 2.42ct will be noticeably larger than the other two diamonds you are looking at. It is just a decision of whether you want to spend the additional money for the larger size. Have you compared the two sizes side by side in the store?

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Thanks so much for your input. I haven’t compared the two sizes side by side yet. I will do that next week. Do you think 2.42ct is a good value? Its measurements I believe is bigger compared to other 2.40-2.45 cts, and it seems it’s priced well compared to other online sites with similar specs?

Also do you think the SI1 has concerning inclusions given that they are in the middle of the diamond as if there was a splash of particles thrown on the diamond? Again, I haven’t seen both diamonds in person yet… Thanks again!

Your Diamond Teacher |

The 2.42ct diamond is priced fairly. The SI1 has crystal inclusions throughout the diamond, however, based on the static image and the Idealscope image, I believe the crystals are small and the diamonds busy faceting pattern will nicely camouflage the inclusions to the naked eye.

I also think that the inclusions are small enough that the naked eye won’t pick up on them. Keep in mind, diamonds are graded under 10X magnification.

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian, I can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate your time and thoughts.

I will go and see them in person keeping in mind what you mentioned.