Diamond Query: The Best Proportions for Stud-Earring Diamonds

| Anonymous Reader

Hi, I want to buy diamond studs for our first-year anniversary (married last summer), and my budget is around 1000$, not including the settings. I’ve heard diamonds for studs could have a thinner girdle and better spread than ring diamonds, since they are less likely to come in harm’s way and chip.

Do you agree with this statement? What would you say that the best proportions for stud-earring diamonds would be (brilliant round or princess cut, 0.5-0.8 CTW)? Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And congratulations on your first year anniversary! I do agree that the girdle thickness can be thinner for the reason you described.

When selecting diamonds for earrings, the same rules can apply.  But typically, the rules can be relaxed because it is for earrings and not for a ring, which will be front and center on display!

The only additional thing that needs to be considered for earrings, is that the table for each diamond are both within 1-2% of each other and that the millimeter measurements of the two diamonds are not greater than .10mm of each other (which is the spread). Otherwise, the eye will detect the difference between the diamonds and they won’t look like a matching pair.

You can also look at diamonds which are within 1 color grade of each other. They don’t need to have the same color grade. I hope this helps!

| Anonymous Reader

Thanks very much!