Diamond Query: Can a Feather on the Girdle of a 2-Carat Diamond Be a Durability Concern?

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Sebastian, I have been reading some of your articles and I thank you for your knowledge. We have recently found a diamomd, looks really nice to the eye, and has very good HCA score, Triple Excellent 2.02 Carat J SI1. However, it has a feather (or two) near the girdle.

I feel that each of the sales ppl educate you in new ways, which is nice, but still, when they suspect (correctly) that you don’t know something, they take advantage of that. I feel like every time I hear something new, and feel comfortable w a dealer, getting close to a purchase, I go home and do some more reading and lean that I’ve been misled, or misdirected.

In this most recent case, felt close to buying this diamond for an engagement ring, being told that this particular diamond would be flawless, if not for this small inclusion. Turns out, after learning more about different inclusion types, a feather is a crack, and based on your article, it may lend to durability issues.

I hope you you check this out for me, looking at the plot diagram, and give me your opinion. Do you think it’s a durability (or other) issue? Do you have any recommendations for me to research or ask the dealer? Thank you for your time!

GIA: 7241674722

GIA Report 7241674722

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. There is a lot of information out there regarding diamonds. Everyone has their own advice and opinions! So, here is mine!

I looked at the GIA grading report for the diamond you are interested in. I am not concerned about the feather. Any diamond can chip or crack, however, it is unlikely. I say, you can purchase this diamond with confidence.

And since the feather is on the girdle, you can ask the jeweler to set the diamond, so one of the prongs covers it. Feathers become more of a durability concern in SI2, I1, I2 diamonds and when they are large, deep and extend across a larger percentage of the diamond.

You don’t need to worry!

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Then you for your very thorough response. I actually read it while I was in front of the dealer, and it helped put my mind at ease. I brought it to IGI NY for an appraisal. Everything looks good.

Thanks again!

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Great! Glad to hear it!