Diamond Query: Choosing Between Excellent Cut Diamonds with Good Crown and Pavilion Angles, and High HCA Scores

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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for an amazing website and for your top-notch advice! Could I have your opinion on this stone and its dimensions etc. please?

It will be set in a tapered, solitaire, platinum ring. I am not sure whether to have 4 or 6 clasps. Any recommendation? I am trying to make it look big etc.

HCA Score 1.1 – *is this score ok or should it be 1.5 – 2.0?

Depth – 60.5

Table – 58

Crown – 34°

Pavilion – 40.8°

Culet – None

Medium to Slightly Thick 3.51° Facet

1ct – J – VS2- Excellent

VG Polish – VG Symmetry

Florescence – None

GIA Report – 1182736087

I thought I would ask before spending US$4,300.00 on this. Keep up the good work! Many thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Hi, you are very welcome!

Do you have a link to this diamond for a visual reference?

Based off of the specifications you provided, the diamond sounds great. And I feel that a 1.1 HCA score is perfectly acceptable. I would not harbor on that detail.

The crown and pavilion angle are excellent and these are the two angles that are crucial to maximize light reflection.

The depth of 60.5 means the diamond has a greater spread, which can make the diamond appear larger than other 1ct diamonds. The VS2 clarity grade means it will be an eye-clean diamond, no visible inclusions.

As far as the number of prongs to hold the diamond. This is a matter of personal taste. But also, 6 prongs are more secure than 4 prongs. And 6 prongs round out the diamond instead of 4 prongs, which square it off.

I hope this helps. Please let me know any additional questions you have.

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Good morning Sebastian,

Woohoo great reply time. Thank you for making the time. Unfortunately no link for reference. I have asked for a close up HD photo though and I will pop into their workshop to view if that isn’t sufficient or provided.

I am buying from a place called Dubai Rocks who are very transparent and helpful. I live here or else I would have gone to James Allen as per your advice.

Thanks for the HCA feedback and yeah the spread being a little more than the others certainly does help. I have emailed and I will check before to make sure all is eye clean before parting with any money. If I get a photo I will send it across!

Good advice re the prongs too. Thanks. I will view a few 4 and 6 side by side and see which appeal. I’ve emailed the supplier here, asking of this stone is in stock and what the costs incl. the ring would be. And for a photo and whether eye clean. I should get this info through today.

I will keep you updated! I can understand your interest in diamonds. Getting it just right is an art! Thanks for the help and insight again.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Okay, keep me posted! I am here for you!

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Hi Sebastian,

Another suitable stone came up! The other one I mentioned was sold. Unfortunately no link for visuals however the seller will send me a video.

I was a bit worried about the specs, 58% depth and 62% table but the HCA score was good, 1.8. Does this seem okay to you?

1.00ct Excellent J VS1

Depth 58.0 % — Table 62 % — Crown Angle 33.0° — Pavilion Angle 41.0° = HCA 1.8

Thin to Medium, Faceted, 2.5% & Medium Blue Fluorescence

Thanks again for your help! If all is good with this stone, and it is eye clean I will buy it asap.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Ah! Okay! The table is a bit large, but some people like a larger table. It can make the diamond appear larger or you might think it looks too flat. The crown and pavilion angle are in the preferred range.

A VS1 clarity grade is great…definitely eye-clean and the inclusions will not impede the diamonds sparkle. The medium blue fluorescence may help to make the J color appear whiter.

And it received a high score on the HCA. It seems like a respectable purchase to me.

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Hi Sebastian,

I hope you are well! So from wanting a .95-.99 I am now thinking a 1.2ct! I think I have found the one. Could you let me your thoughts please? *this one is in stock unlike the previous ones*

HCA 1.1
Depth: 59.7%
Table: 59%
Crown: 33%
Pavilion: 40.8%
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: Strong

Please see this link:

1.2 Carat Diamond

Many thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Great! I say go for it! Looks good!