Diamond Query: Choosing Between an IGI and GIA Diamond

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

I found your website super interesting. I’m looking to hear your opinion about one diamond.

What could you tell me about this diamond GIA # 2256389783? Could you please tell me whether it’s a good buy or not so much? Best regards!

GIA #2256389783

ASET Image

Hearts Image

Arrows Image

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry, which was received in our comment section. I am happy to help. I thought it would be easier to communicate through email.

You had attached two links and asked for my advice on which one I would choose. I was able to pull up the below, but when I clicked on the second link a specific diamond did not come up. Please double check.

I will wait for your reply!

| Anonymous Reader

Thank you for the answer. I appreciate that. I’m choosing a diamond for engagement ring. I can use only a diamond from one seller because only they will make ring the way I like.

First one was this:  GIA Grading Report 1183320939

GIA 1183320939

Second: IGI Grading Report 296722468

IGI Grading Report 296722468

First one is 300$ cheaper than the second one. (the price included all the work needed to create ring) And I’m thinking about choosing it. What do you think?

PS. This is my shortlist of the diamonds company listed. I think this three looks most interesting.

Your Diamond Teacher |

The GIA diamond you selected has excellent proportions/angles.  The proportions are in the preferred range. This is an eye-clean SI2 diamond based on the knowledge of the twinning wisp inclusions. Just note, twinning wisps can make a diamond appear hazy. This is the diamond to go for out of your selection.

The second diamond is an IGI diamond. IGI is a well-known diamond grading institution. Their grading standards, however, are not as strict as GIA or AGS. So, I do not typically recommend them.

| Anonymous Reader


Your opinion was valuable for me. And the ring looks great. The gem is full of light even in very low light 🙂 Thank you for the help!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Terrific! Thanks for letting me know!