Diamond Query: Clarity-Enhanced ‘Very Good’ Cut Diamond with Obscenely Low Price

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Hi Sebastian!

I'm digging this particular ring (link below) – specifically because I think my g/f will love it. Just started shopping, no particular budget, and pretty open minded.

So basically I'm a newbie shopper and wanted to know what to be looking for if I were to purchase this ring?? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!


3 Ct Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SI1:D White Gold 14k 507660

US $4,299.75 – 3 Ct Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SI1-D White Gold 14k 507660


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

First off, I feel skeptical. That is an obscenely low price. Also, I don't recognize the diamond grading institution that graded the center diamond. I will always recommend purchasing a diamond that has been graded by GIA or AGS.

Furthermore, if it matters to you, this diamond has been clarity enhanced. This means that a special treatment was done to the center stone to improve it's clarity grade, artificially.

In addition, the cut grade for the center diamond is “Very Good”. The cut is the most important part of the diamond to make it have the most sparkle. I would always suggest looking for an Excellent cut diamond.

On a final note, if this price and diamond ring are legit, then maybe it is worth putting my comments aside and just going for it! Because the overall appearance of the ring, may have the impact/ results that you want.



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Thanks so much Sebastian. I too was a little skeptical on the price, however with the refund policy and assurance from my credit card makes me feel like the “being taken” factor has been removed if I receive the ring and disappointed.

After reading up a little on CE treatments should I be concerned about the longevity of the diamond? I’d hate for something to go wrong down the line because of some initial savings on the price if that makes sense. Any feedback and/or resourceful links to better explain CE treatments would be greatly appreciated.


Your Diamond Teacher |


The liquid that is used to enhance the clarity of a diamond may discolor if exposed to extreme heat during a jewelry repair or if the diamond is set into a jewelry cleaner.

You can get around this by making sure the bench jeweler removes the diamond from the ring setting if repairs need to be done on the ring that requires heat. And don't drop the ring into a jewelry cleaning solution.

If you purchase the ring, I'd be interested to hear back from you once you receive it!



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That makes sense – good to know. Thanks so much for all your help Sebastian! I’ll let you know if I decide to move forward on it, and the results. 🙂




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