Diamond Query: Color and Crushed-Ice Look in a Cushion Cut

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Thank you for sharing your insight and advise. I have been trying to decide between two stones. Please provide your opinion on them both. Proportional they look similar.

Am I getting pretty much the same with either?


Cushion Cut 1 Cushion Cut 2

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And I am glad to hear that the information in my website has been helpful. Thank you!

The two diamonds you selected from James Allen are just beautiful. And you are correct, you are basically getting about the same with both. The only things to consider are color, size and overall appeal.

Regarding color, the color grading system is very subtle from one color grade to the next. It takes a trained eye for color to see the difference. If you feel like you are color sensitive and would like more of an icy white diamond, which is colorless, then I would pick the F color.

The H color is a safe and neutral choice. As for their size, if you compare the millimeter measurements, the 2.02ct will appear larger if you sit it right next to the 1.91ct and really focus on the difference, otherwise it is minimal.

Now, here comes the emotional part…which one do you emotionally feel more drawn to?

Once everything else is comparable, a big part of the decision making process is using your gut instinct! I hope this helps. Please let me know any additional questions you have.

I am here to help!

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I have been trying to decide on these two stones for weeks and I love that you say it comes down to gut instinct. That is exactly what I needed to hear to make my decision.

Thank you for all your assistance. Happy New Year!

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome! Happy New Year to you, too!

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Hi again. I would love your help again on these two stones. In doing more research and watching YouTube I’ve learned about the crushed cushion ice diamonds and others with larger facets.

The F color stone appears to have that look. Would you agree? Do you also agree that it devalues the stone? I read that you normally don’t advise on H color stones. Is there any added value in the Canadian Mark stones?

Your Diamond Teacher |

Welcome back!

You are correct, the F color diamond is crushed ice faceting. I disagree that it devalues the stone. It is just a matter of taste, but doesn’t reduce the value. And there is no added value in a Canadian marked stone.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have additional questions. I am here to help!

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Thank you one again Sebastian!

Blessings to what you do and all the best in the New Year to all your plans and goals!!!