Diamond Query: Consulting a 2-Carat GIA-Graded Diamond Around a $24k Budget

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Hello Sebastian, I stumbled upon your website. Great information and very helpful. I have been searching for a specific diamond for several months now. We haven't been in any rush. These are the specs, D-E color, IF-VVS1 clarity, VG or better cut, faint to no fluorescence, for an oval diamond in at least 2 carat.

My impossible dream was not to spend more than $24K on the stone alone. I did find a few in my online searches that got snapped up very quickly. Currently I have my eye on this one diamond that I am trying to set up a viewing for. It’s an international stone.

GIA 7226788564, this is the video of it, and the asking price is $24,960.00.


Diamond Video


I believe it’s a good deal, but I need a confirmation from someone that knows diamonds well. Please give me your honest opinion. The good, bad and ugly. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help.

I looked at the video and at the GIA report of the oval cut diamond you are considering. And it looks very pretty in the video. It is a very high clarity grade, colorless and has great proportions. The girdle thickness is in the preferred range. And there is minimal bow-tie effect in the diamond when you view it in the video.

Based on the GIA report and the video it looks like an excellent selection.



| Anonymous Reader

Hello Sebastian,

Thank you for your quick response and taking the time to take a look at the diamond I am considering purchasing. You were very thorough. The bow tie was the only thing I was actually concerned about. But it didn't look too bad, and for the asking price I thought that the diamond was still a good buy.

Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




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