Diamond Query: Durability and Price of a 0.80-Carat VVS2 Diamond with Feather Inclusion

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian, I was searching online to learn more about diamond inclusions specifically about feather, when I saw your page and it is defiantly informative and helpful.

I would like to get your opinion on a diamond that I am about to buy for my wedding. This diamond is:

Weight: 0.80 carat
Color: E
Clarity: VVS2
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Good
Fluorescence: None
Clarity Characteristic: Feather
Girdle: Slightly  thick to thick
Table: 73%
Depth: 71%
Culet: None
Measurement: 5.06*5.05*3.59 mm

I am not a professional but when I looked at the diamond with a loupe, it looked so clear. I am most concerned about the durability because of feather inclusion. Is there a way you can help me to be sure before buying the diamond? Many thanks in advance!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help.

Is the diamond GIA graded diamond? If the diamond is a VVS2 clarity, you do not need to worry about the feather inclusion. It will not pose a durability issue.

And if the diamond looks pretty and sparkly to you and the price is fair, I would say you can buy the diamond with confidence.



| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you so much on helping me out on this matter. Yes, the diamond has GIA certificate and yes it looks clear and sparkly even with naked eye. Is it so nice to know a professional like you. I hope we can meet one day. Again, many thanks!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Hi Sebastian, I can't help myself not to ask you, if in your opinion $3,700 is fair price for this 4Cs diamond? Thanks!



| Anonymous Reader

Yes, that is a fair price. You are all set!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Great, thanks!





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