Diamond Query: Effect of Faint Fluorescence and Better Pavilion Angle Between Two Excellent Cut Round Diamonds

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Hello Sebastian,

First of all, I want to thank you for all the great information and help you provide on this site for all the diamond dummies like me. I did a lot of research before buying an engagement ring online. I looked through over 10 websites and over 80 rocks in my criteria.

I decided that I’m going to purchase my ring at James Allen. I wanted to see what you think of the diamonds I picked and let me know your opinion on what to buy.

#1 and #2 are almost the same but 2 has faint fluorescence and 1 has none. And someone told me that #2 has a better cut than #1, saying that #1’s pavilion angle is a bit off. But if you see the GIA report both of them have Excellent cut grade. So I’m not too sure what to buy.



James Allen SKU 2852440

#1 – SKU 2852440


James Allen SKU 3677918

#2 – SKU 3677918

Does the Fluorescence really make a big deal in a diamond? Because before I narrowed it down to these 2 rocks, I was looking into all same criteria except that the fluorescence was medium. Someone told me that if the diamond color is above G then fluorescence will make a big difference and the diamond will look cloudy and hazy.

So I filtered my search for only diamonds with none or faint fluorescence. If it doesn’t really matter I could probably get a medium fluorescence rock with all the other same criteria for around $500 less.

But if you also say the same I have no choice. Please look at the 2 rocks above and let me know your opinion. Maybe if you could give me some recommendations that will be wonderful.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend, hope to hear from you.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. I am glad to hear that the information on my website has been so helpful. Thank you for letting me know!

The two diamonds you selected from JamesAllen.com are both an excellent choice. Well done!

To answer your questions:

1.  Diamond SKU 3677918 [2] does have the better pavilion angle compared to Diamond sku 2852440. The crown and the pavilion angle play a critical role in the diamond’s ability to maximize light reflection. There is a sweet spot, so-to-speak, for both angles and Diamond SKU 3677918 [2] has hit those sweet spots.

2.  Regarding grading by GIA, there are ranges in the proportions/measurements for each cut grade that qualify a diamond to be a certain cut. This is why one Excellent cut diamond can be “better” over another Excellent cut diamond.

3.  As for fluorescence, it is true that fluorescence can make a diamond appear hazy, milky and/or oily, however this is not the norm. And it is true that fluorescence can help a lower color grade diamond appear whiter, which is a positive!  It is also true that fluorescence can have a negative impact on the appearance of higher color grade diamonds.

With all that being said, the operative word is CAN, meaning it is not always the case and is usually not the case. Also, this is a consideration for strong or medium fluorescence. It does not need to be a concern with faint fluorescence.

So, the take away from all this is, you can purchase Diamond  SKU 3677918 [2] with total confidence! I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your prompt response Sebastian. You and your website have been great help for me finding this perfect rock. I really appreciate your opinion and all the information your site has provided me. Thank you so much again, have a wonderful day!

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome! My pleasure.  And let me know what you think of the diamond when you receive it!

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Thank you for your help in picking the perfect diamond! You are the best! 🙂