Diamond Query: Effect of Twinning Wisps and Surface Graining on a SI2 Diamond’s Eye-Cleanliness and Sparkle

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Hey, Sebastian,

I’m a medical student searching for an engagement ring. I have found a 1.5ct, G SI2 triple excellent round cut diamond (GIA), and I was wondering if the inclusions would affect the integrity or ruin the beauty of the diamond.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good photo of the diamond. I merely have the GIA plot, which I know won’t tell the whole story. My budget is $10,000 (band included). I will include the specs below.

GIA Plot 1

GIA Plot 2

GIA Plot 3

Thanks for the help. It means a lot!

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And my apologies for my delayed reply. Things have been busy around here!

Regarding the inclusions in the SI2 diamond you have selected, twinning wisps and surface graining can impede a diamonds ability to reflect light if there are too many of them, the diamond will appear hazy or dull.

In the comment section of the report, it says “additional twinning wisps and surface graining not shown”. This is the part that concerns me more.

Is this diamond from an online retailer or a local store? Have you seen this diamond in person?

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Hey, Sebastian!

Thanks a bunch for the response. So this stone is from a retail store. I have seen the stone in person, and from what my ameteur eye can discern, it is eye-clean. The inclusions are very obvious with a loupe though. Without a stone with similar specs next to this stone, it is very difficult for me to tell if the light performance of the stone is severely diminished by the wisps.

The HCA score is under 1 (although I’ve heard the HCA score is a better tool for ruling out stones, as opposed to determining how good a stone’s light performance is).

Do you have any further recommendations on determining if this stone will perform well? For some context, I know my girlfriend will want a moderately large stone that is white (G-I) and relatively eye-clean. I believe that a visible inclusion on a stone would really bother her.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Your Diamond Teacher |


The fact that you have seen the diamond in person and it looks good to you, that is what really matters.

Look at the diamond in the sunlight and in indoor lightning, move it around and see how the light dances off of the facets. If there is sparkle and scintillation to your eyes, then you are all set. I hope this offers reassurance!

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Thanks a bunch, Sebastian. Do you have any advice on the best way to detect if the diamond is cloudy (which light to use, which angle to look at, etc.)?

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Comparing it to a diamond that is a higher clarity is really the only point of reference. We are talking about such subtleties, that the average person most likely wouldn’t detect visually.

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Got it. Thanks a bunch, Sebastian! I appreciate the guidance.

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are welcome!