Diamond Query: Eye-Cleanliness and Symmetry in James Allen True Hearts Diamonds

|   Anonymous Reader:

Hi Seb, I suppose my max budget is 11k usd for just the diamond only but would ideally be below this figure.

Personal Preference:
3x excellence
F colour or above
Clarity – VS1 or above
Ct – 1.15 upwards

What do you think of the two below?


1. The one above, I can see there is a misalign at 11 o’clock position between arrow head and shalf in the imaging. The James Allen team said the diamond was tilted when the H&A image was taken hence I might see a slight misalignment on the image, but the diamond is certainly at a perfect symmetry.  Do you agree with that?

1.32 CARAT F-SI1 TRUE HEARTSTM IDEAL DIAMOND2. My concern for the above is SI1 clarity is so hard for me to say whether the inclusions will make any impact. I am a bit paranoid that inclusions might be a problem if it’s below VS1 hence I prefer to go with this clarity or above.

I would appreciate it if you could recommend if there are better ones than the ones I have listed above. Please suggest one which is VS1 or above and another one which you feel is a good value for money using your own set of rules.

Many thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Your Diamond Teacher   |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

The two diamonds you selected from JamesAllen.com are both an excellent choice. They are eye-clean and colorless diamonds. The pavilion angle for each diamond is excellent. And this angle is one of the most important angles for maximum light reflection.

The James Allen team explanation is correct regarding your observation of diamond sku 3395613.

A factor in selecting a diamond is the emotional component, after you have the important diamond specifications/ parameters sorted out. If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing a diamond that is an SI1, even if experts say it is eye-clean and won’t impede the diamonds light performance, then you should stick to what feels right for you.

You can, however, certainly look at VS2 clarity grade.

Please let me know if you have more questions. I am here to help!

|   Anonymous Reader

Many thanks for your help Seb, your opinion has helped me make up my mind.

Appreciate you helping us. 🙂