Diamond Query: False Jeweler Claims and GIA Laser Inscription on a 2.2-Carat H-VS2 Oval Cut Diamond

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Please tell me your thoughts on the following stone, which I recently purchased. The GIA report is – GIA Cert. # 6272978497

GIA Cert. # 6272978497


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Looks great! Do you have the diamond in your possession? Or are you waiting to receive it?

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Thank you for your reply. Still waiting to receive it. Any concerns while waiting? What would you estimate a fair price for this stone to be? Thank you!

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Hi, once you receive it let me know what you think. I have no concerns on my end. I am not in the business of estimating diamond prices, however, if you want to tell me what you paid I can say whether I think that is reasonable or not.

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I have some concerns on whether I received the diamond promised. The brick-and-mortar jeweler who custom designed my girlfriends ring setting was very pessimistic in this regard when I brought it to him to put into the ring setting.

As my emails previously indicated—and the GIA report reflected—this was a 2.20ct H Color VS2 Diamond. The jeweler claims that this could be a J-K or even I color diamond (which I totally disagree with) and is “definitely” a SI1 Clarity stone.

He further alleged that this stone doesn’t even have “any fire/sparkle whatsoever,” which honestly got me pretty heated. He appraised the ring and even indicated therein that the clarity was SI1 (despite the GIA report reflecting an VS2 clarity).

After he told me all this, I actually forgot to have him confirm the GIA laser inscription (since I couldn’t see it with a 10x loupe I purchased). I imagine that the discrepancy between the GIA Report stone specifications and his appraisal could create issues when I go to have it insured; is that belief correct?

Anyways, I wanted to reach out to you and gather your thoughts on all this and whether this is typical of a “jeweler scorned” after not buying the diamond from him. Also, is there anyway I can get to the bottom of whether or not my stone is that of the one in the GIA report? I bought this from Enchanted Diamond and my research suggests they are a very reputable dealer, but wanted to see if you’ve experienced otherwise.

Apologies for the long email and thank you in advance for all your extremely helpful advice!

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Thanks for getting in touch regarding your situation. You had answered one of my questions, which was, “is the diamond laser inscribed with the GIA #?” Since it is, you need to compare the number on the GIA report to the number inscribed on the girdle. I might suggest going to another jewelry store for their help.

I can’t seem to pull up the GIA report, can you tell me if there is a diamond plot on the report? Enchanted Diamonds is a reputable online retailer. There may be a slight chance, however, that they sent you the wrong diamond due to human error.

I will say, that it is not uncommon for brick and mortar jewelry stores to challenge, question and insult a diamond that is purchased from an online retailer, unfortunately. They feel very threatened and highly skeptical.

I would not use this appraisal for insurance until you get this cleared up. Did Enchanted Diamonds not provide you with an appraisal?

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Thank you, truly, for your help and time! As for the GIA inscription, I’ve attached the PDF of the Report.

GIA 6272978497

I’ve searched for the Inscription on the girdle previously after purchasing a—admittedly, cheap—30x jewelers loupe off Amazon and couldn’t find it. As such, how do I know if it is indeed laser inscribed? I’ve heard that not all GIA cert. diamonds are inscribed.

There is a diamond plot on the report. However, the jeweler I took it too said their is am unplotted chip at the 12:00 position on the diamond, which I could really see.

Enchanted diamonds provided me with an appraisal for $19,300.00 and the brick-and-mortar jeweler provided me with an appraisal which included the platinum micropáve ring setting for $23,000.00. I will get a second opinion on the latter since it included the platinum ring setting.

With respect to insurance, can you recommend any preferred vendors for which to insure diamond rings/jewelry under? Please let me know. You’ve been an invaluable resource thus far and I thank you in advance once again!

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Thank you for sharing the GIA report. This is very helpful.

Regarding the inscription of the GIA #, it says on the report, “inscription(s) GIA 62729978497”. If there wasn’t an inscription then it wouldn’t list that on the report. As for the inclusions, now that I see the report, I can understand why the jeweler at the store would think it could be an SI1.

It is on the cusp, but a team of highly trained and experienced GIA Gemologist’s at the GIA headquarters deemed this diamond a VS2. So, that is what we go with.

For the color, I can’t comment unless I see the diamond.  I can say, however, that within each color grade there is about 12 shades. So, one H color diamond can appear whiter or more yellow than another H color diamond.

An H color can be closer to an I color or a G color on the spectrum. And the color grading system is very subtle from one color grade to the next.

So, it can be a tough call to determine if the diamond is a G, H or I for example. But to jump to a J or K as the local jeweler said is way off.

Regarding the appraisal, Enchanted’s appraisal was not for the ring and diamond? I highly recommend Jewelers Mutual to insure your jewelry. I hope this helps!

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Thank you for taking the time to review and respond. It helps immensely and quiets my concerns quite a bit. Now I just have to find that GIA inscription. Will be visiting another jeweler sometime next week.

I’ll keep you posted, but, regardless, thank you for your time, expertise and advice. It is truly and sincerely appreciated!

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Happy to help. Keep me posted on the outcome!