Diamond Query: Feather Inclusion and Reasonable Pricing in a SI2 Diamond

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you so much for you article about diamond durability. As a first time diamond buyer, it was really helpful. So I had a question about a feather that appears in the upper left hand side of the bottom of the diamond (the picture on the right that’s part of the GIA cert).

GIA Report

Diamond from up-close

Do you think that would be something to worry about? Please let me know. Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help.

I reviewed the GIA report. The feather is a non-issue. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

| Anonymous Reader

Thanks! Also, I had a question about clarity. This stone is a SI2.

I’ve heard that clarity is the least important. Color and cut are more important. Would you agree?

Your Diamond Teacher |

Cut is the most important, since that is what determines the level of light performance.

As far as clarity, the main objective is to have an eye-clean diamond, meaning no visible inclusions to the naked eye. And you want to be sure that the inclusions will not impede the diamonds light performance.

Regarding color, this really depends on the individual. Some people have a keen eye for color and it is very important that the diamond is super white. Other people it is less of a priority and are fine if the diamond has a bit of warmth.

I hope this helps answer your question.

| Anonymous Reader

It does, thank you. From reading your articles, I understand that your opinion is if you can find that SI2 diamond where inclusions are invisible to the naked eye, then it will be more worth while because it’s a good stone and you save money.

After viewing this particular stone with the jeweler and viewing it under light, microscope, and the naked eye I’m confident that I’ve found one of the few SI2s where the inclusions are almost completely invisible to the naked eye.

My final question has to do with the cost. What do you think this particular diamond would be worth? Thanks again for your advice.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Hi, I am not clear on your question regarding the worth of the diamond.

What are you paying for it?

| Anonymous Reader

I’m paying $4650. Just asking if you think that’s a good price.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Yes, $4650 is a fair and reasonable price for this diamond!

| Anonymous Reader

Thanks for all your help Sebastian!