Diamond Query: Getting a Diamond Graded by Either GIA or AGS for Highest Diamond Grading Standards

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Hello Sebastian,

Thank you in advance for your guidance. I’m having the pleasure of helping my future son in law to pick out my daughters diamond. As my daughters is a petite 5’ a large diamond would look clunky and not necessary to spending a fortune.

I thought that the clarity of the ring was much better to the eye and looks brilliant. Her boyfriend had a higher price range in mind then I did. I don’t think there’s a need of spending huge $$ and my suggestion was 3k would be sufficient. Now we looked at a ring that is .55 with a SI1 but D color but the diamond looked beautiful.


Grading Report


What is your suggestion of the diamond. He picked out a white gold band with little diamonds embedded on each side. What is your expertise and what do you think is a good cost for a diamond along these measures?

Looking forward to your suggestions. My son in law wants a brilliant ring because my daughter is very stylish and loves bling bling. Look forward in hearing from you with suggestion.

Thanks in advanced, Looking for the best for them and I know he wants to give her a beautiful ring.


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help! And congratulations on the upcoming engagement.

Is the $3K for just the diamond? And what is the diamond institution that graded the diamond?



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Hello Sebastian,

The diamond alone is in the 2 thousand range maybe a little more because the setting was 7-8 hundred. Did you see the copy of the diamond details?

It looks nice but want to make sure we looked at the correct stone. Thanks for your expertise!


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It doesn't look like the diamond was graded by GIA or AGS. It just looks like a little card with some of the diamond information. I would also recommend getting a diamond graded by either GIA or AGS, since they have the highest diamond grading standards.

Also, you can purchase this diamond for under $2K from an online retailer, such as James Allen. Please see below, for example…






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Wow – this is great advice I appreciate your help. I’ll pass this information on to my future son in law.


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Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!





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