Diamond Query: Gifting Self with a K-Colored Marquise Cut Diamond Set in Rose Gold Setting for 25th Work Anniversary

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian! Love your site! I’m looking at a 2 – K color marquise K color diamonds on the James Allen site:

Would these look o.k. in a rose gold setting with halo as a right hand ring (just celebrated my 25th work anniversary and this is a gift to myself). Per your advice, I don’t want to overspend on color. The larger of the 2 had a fluorescence as well. Which would you choose?

Many thanks for the guidance!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. My apologies for the delayed response. Things have been busy around here!

First off, congratulations on your work anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment and deserving of such a beautiful gift to yourself. The two marquise diamonds you selected below are both a great choice.

Good job! And they will both look very pretty in a rose gold halo ring setting. I would say you could choose either diamond with complete confidence. Are you leaning more towards one over the other?

They are both eye-clean. And have minimal bow-tie effect. The J color diamond is a “high” J, meaning it is closer it an I color than a K color.

And the K color diamond is a “high” K meaning closer to a J color than an L color diamond. The K color diamond will be noticeably larger than the J color diamond, if the size is a priority to you.

The medium fluorescence can make the K color appear whiter under strong UV light. Please note, the fluorescence, may make the diamond glow blue under strong UV light. Also, there is a slight chance the fluorescence can make the diamond appear hazy.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Sebastian –

You are wonderful! Thanks so much for your advice. I’ll send you a picture when I make the purchase!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you. I appreciate it!