Diamond Query: Why Would the HCA Score Be So Poor When All the Other Diamond Specs Are Inline?

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Already sent you this info from one of your other webpages, but not sure if it went through. I am looking at purchasing a diamond in the next 2 or 3 days.

I have compared my diamonds specs to your “Super Ideal” Cut diamond specifications, and the only item which is outside of the range is the Crown Angle, which  is 36 degrees instead of the 35 degrees needed for the Super Ideal Cut or the 35.8 degrees needed for the Excellent Cut.

However, when I input my information into HCA it gave this diamond a score of only 5.5 which is a grade of “Fair” for the light return. Why would the HCA score be so poor when all the other diamond specs are inline, except the Crown Angle which is only .2 degrees over the Excellent Cut range, or 1 degree over the Super Ideal cut range?

Should I still consider this diamond at all since the HCA score indicates poor light performance? What does poor light performance mean? And if I should still consider this stone, is it a good value for the money? Thanks in advance for your advice!

Standard Round Brilliant Cut: 1.84 Carat,  SI1 Clarity, G Color, Excellent Cut, GIA Certification

Measurements – 7.81 x 7.83 x4.88 mm
Cost – $14,900

Comments: I like the 1.84 to 2.0 carat size range. The SI1 stone is eye clear. Love the G color but could probably also like an H color as well if it saved me a decent amount of money. I do not like the I or J color range because I can see the faint yellow tint and I like my diamonds to look white.

Depth – 62.4%
Table – 57%
Crown Angle – 36 degrees
Crown Height  – 15.5%
Pavilian Angle – 41 degrees
Pavilian Depth – 43%
Star Length – 50%
Lower Half – 75%
Girdle – Medium Faceted 3.5%
Culet – None
Cut – Excellent
Polish – Excelllent
Symmetry- Excellent
Fluorescence – None

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. Is the diamond you are interested in from an online retailer? If yes, do you have a link to share of the diamond?

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply. No this diamond is not from an online retailer, so I have no link I can send you. I am dealing with a local jeweler. That is why I sent you all the information which was available on the GIA certifcate for this diamond.

I’m still confused as to why it would score so poorly on the HCA report, even though every specification was in line for the “Super Ideal” cut except the Crown Angle was .2 to 1 degree off.

My deadline to make a decision on this diamond is this coming Monday Feb. 26th at 6 p.m.

I appreciate you helping me with this so much! Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!

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Noted the diamond is from a local jewelry store and you have until 6pm, February 26th to make a decision.

Do you like the way the diamond looks in person? Are you happy with it’s sparkle/scintillation, brilliance and fire with your own eyes? If yes, that that is the most important factor in your decision making process.

The HCA tool is really for online diamond shoppers as a way to narrow down a selection, since they cannot see the diamond in person. The HCA tool is an algorithm that the creator has made. It is a limiting tool that doesn’t take into other factors.

The bottom line is, if GIA has classified a diamond as an excellent cut, then this means a team of highly trained and experienced GIA Gemologists evaluated the diamond’s, angles and proportions and determined that it is an excellent cut diamond.  An excellent cut diamond will have the sparkle that you want a diamond to have.

I hope this makes you feel more confident.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes this diamond does sparkle the way I want it to. And the clarity, color and size are exactly what I wanted I took a friend with me today to see it and she thought it was gorgeous stone.

Reading your answer has now made me much more confident about purchasing it.

Thanks again for your sage advice!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Perfect!  And congratulations on your purchase!