Diamond Query: Choosing The Highest Color and Clarity Grades for a 1.90-Carat Round Diamond

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Hi Sebastian, I’d really appreciate a quick review here. Thanks a lot!

Does the attached ASET and Idealscope look good to you? It scores a 0.9 on the Holloway Cut Advisor, so should I be concerned it shows that it’s best for necklaces and pendants and not for rings?


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 Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help.

Do you have a link to the diamond for me to see, as well?

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Thanks Sebastian! Below is the link. Attached is the picture, ASET, GIA Report, Ideal-Scope (Top), and Ideal-Scope (Top). It’s quite expensive so I want to ensure I’m getting great quality.

Brilliant Earth 1.90 Carat Diamond

GIA Report

Your Diamond Teacher |

 Since the diamond is on hold, the link is not available for me to view, but that is okay… I have enough information to go on to offer advice.

So, first of all, this is an extremely high-quality diamond… you can’t get better than Internally Flawless, triple excellent, colorless diamond.

Regarding sparkle, brilliance and fire… the 58 facets of an excellent cut round brilliant cut diamond offer the best light reflection and scintillation. The diamond will be icy white and sparkly.

If, however, we were to get really, really specific on the diamond’s specifications, I would say the following:

1.  You don’t need to pay a premium for an IF clarity diamond, unless that is something that is really important to you to have on paper. If your goal is to have an eye-clean diamond, you can look at SI, VS2, VS1 etc.

2.  As for color, the color grading system is very subtle. It takes a very keen, color sensitive eye to see the difference from one color
grade to the next, especially when comparing D, E, F, G color diamonds. But again, if a colorless diamond is important to you, then stick with the E color.

3.  An Excellent cut GIA graded diamond, means that a team of GIA Gemologists carefully reviewed the diamonds proportions to determine that it falls within the preferred ranges for an Excellent cut diamond.

With this being said, there are two angles in a diamond, which are considered the most important for optimal light reflection. They are the pavilion and the crown angle. And the closer these angles are to 34.5 for the crown and 40.8 for the pavilion, the better the light performance.

4. The ASET image for this diamond is very good, not excellent. I will say, the visual difference between a diamond that has a very good ASET image and an excellent ASET image is not the easiest to see in person.

The bottom line is, if you love this diamond, then I would say you can confidently purchase it. And you don’t need to harbor on the finer details.

I hope this information provides help and not more confusion!

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Thanks so much for this Sebastian! I actually found another diamond I liked better. It was the same price as the one below, but it’s 1.90 vs 2.01. However, it has a better coulour (D vs. E) and a better clarity (FL vs. IF).

It also appears to have way better Ideal-Scope images. And the crown and pavilion angles are right on what you suggest below. The other one had a lower crown angle (31.5).

I think I like being able to tell her this diamond is flawless (1.90, D, FL, Triple Ex, Non-Flour, really good hearts & arrows). It scores pretty good on Holloway Cut Advisor with a 1.70.

I bought it for $42K USD. Think I got a good deal. If it was to buy a 2.0 carat with the same specs, I’d need to spend like $27,000 USD more ($35K CAD). Crazy mark-up to get over the 2.0 carat.

I can’t get an ASET from the diamond cutter, but I think I’m going to buy this one instead. Do you agree or think I should stick with the 2.01?

Your Diamond Teacher |

 It is nice to hear from you! The 1.90ct is an extremely impressive diamond. And you are correct, the pavilion angle and crown angle are perfect.

Also, the specifications of the table and depth make this diamond have a larger spread, which means it will appear larger than other 1.90ct diamonds. I think it is a fantastic choice.

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Great, I’m going to buy it then.  Thanks Sebastian!