Diamond Query: To Hyperfocus on Proportions vs. Being Blown Away by the Diamond’s Sparkle In Person

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Hello! I have been looking at diamonds for about a month now. I have done a lot of research and have seen a number of diamonds with all kinds of specs. My budget is around $30k however I think my boyfriend would go as high as $40k if I found something I LOVED.

I recently saw 2 diamonds that I liked a good bit, one within my price range and one that was a bit out of it. My boyfriend seems willing to go above the price range, but I want to be sure that it's worth it and that I'm getting a good diamond.

The crown angle is really shallow so I was wondering if you could gives your opinion on how this will impact light performance. It's also an SI2 clarity and I can see the inclusions (I have a pretty good eye), but they are white/clear and I do have to be really looking for them. It is colorless and it has the most beautiful sparkle of anything I've looked at yet.

If you would like to see a video of the diamond that I took, I can provide that as well.


Here are the GIA numbers for the 2 diamonds:

6292047798 – excellent, 2.7, D, SI2 (out of budget)

GIA 6292047798 1

GIA 6292047798 2

GIA 6292047798 3



7242761928 – excellent, 2.5, H, SI1 (in budget)

GIA 7242761928 1

GIA 7242761928 2

GIA 7242761928 3


Would love any insight you have on these diamonds- or the best specs you would recommend for my budget to get the best sparkle. Thank you!


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

Considering you have seen these two diamonds in person, you are at an advantage over me!  We can hyperfocus on the proportions/ angles on the GIA grading report, but what really matters is what you think of the diamonds in person, with your own two eyes. If the prices of the diamonds are fair, then I would choose the one you prefer.

I know you want a more technical answer, however, you are looking at excellent cut diamonds from GIA, so the hard part has already been done. A team of expert Gemologist have carefully evaluated the diamonds and determined that they are worthy of an Excellent cut.

Regarding the color, the color grading scale is very subtle, however a jump from D to an I color may be very noticeable to some people.  So, you need to decide if this matters to you.

As for clarity, as long as the diamond is eye-clean and the inclusions do not interfere with the diamonds ability to reflect light or cause a durability concern then that is all that matters.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!



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Hi! Thank you for your response. Were you able to look at the GIA reports for the diamonds? Regarding the inclusions, you mentioned that it was ok as long as they didn't impact light performance or durability.

How do I determine that? Is that something you can give your opinion on based on the reports/types of inclusions? Thanks!


Your Diamond Teacher |


When you look at the diamonds with your eyes does one diamond seem less sparkly than the other diamond? If you cannot detect it with your eyes, then I wouldn't concern myself with the information on the grading report.

But, just for your information, inclusions that can interfere with light reflection are twinning wisps, clouds and surface graining. 🙂






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