Diamond Query: Lab-Grown Diamonds and Staying within Ideal Cut Proportions

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I have been reading your website and have found it to be very helpful!!

I am looking for a round diamond that will be in a solitaire yellow gold setting. What are your thoughts on lab-grown diamonds?

I feel like I know very little about diamonds but I have been told to stay with an ideal/excellent cut diamond also with a color of at least a K (due to it being with a yellow gold band), clarity of at least SI1 – thoughts on these suggestions?

My budget for a diamond is a max of $5,000. I have been working with a group out of Texas that I have some connections with. Here is their website where you are able to narrow down thoughts on a diamond, would you mind helping a guy out and giving me some suggestions (she obviously wants a big diamond): https://www.texasgoldconnection.com/diamonds?diamondshape=round

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 Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And I am glad to hear the information on my website is so helpful. Thank you!

Lab grown diamonds are equal to natural diamonds. You can’t tell them apart. So, far your criteria is right! And here is the page on my website with more specifics:


I would suggest selecting up to 6 diamonds and emailing the links to me for my input.

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Thanks for you assistance. Here are the diamonds I am trying to select from, it will be a yellow gold band, solitaire:


GIA Report 3295025561



GIA Report 2308277639


GIA Report 5286200349


GIA Report 6282562026

– $5,000:

GIA Report 6292536844

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My apologies for my delayed response. Things have been busy around here!

It is not easy to select from the GIA reports without seeing the diamonds. The reason being is, you can’t see the color and the clarity with your eyes. Within each color grade there are 12 shades of that color. So, one K color diamond can be much more yellow than another K color diamond.

You also have quite the range to choose from in your selection; H, I, K colors. I would say, since I can’t see the diamonds, I would choose the H color diamond. Regarding the clarity, I can look at the diamond plot on the report and see where the inclusions are located, however, without actually seeing the diamond I will just be taking an educated guess. With that being said, I again think that the H color diamond may be the best choice for an eye-clean diamond.

As for proportions, they are all triple excellent, so we are fine in that department. We can hyper focus on the ideal proportions within the range of excellent cut, however, the average person will not detect the subtle difference when it comes to the diamonds sparkle. I hope this helps!

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Not a big deal, I appreciate your thoughts and opinion greatly!

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You are very welcome!

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Can you tell me what you think of this diamond? I am trying to make a decision this morning.
1.5 K SI2 – Triple Excellent

Diamond Image 1

Diamond Image 2

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Did you end up purchasing the diamond? Do you have a grading report to share with me?

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Yes I did purchase it. It is the 1.5 at the bottom of the attachment.

GIA Report 2191614406

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Great! 🙂