Diamond Query: Maximizing the Diamond Cut and Adjusting Color and Clarity with a 3-Carat I-SI1 Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamond

| Anonymous Reader

Dear Sebastian,

I have been reading your site and educating myself for some time now as we are about to purchase a diamond ring as an upgrade for our anniversary. 🙂

We have a beautiful diamond on hold with Whiteflash which we are planning on buying via wire tomorrow. Based on your glowing reviews, I feel very confident about this purchase! It is a very good deal as the stone is I in color and Si1.

Sheerah personally pulled the diamond and inspected it both 10 inches away (per their eye clean policy) and up as close as possible. She said it is completely eye clean.

There is one white inclusion in the table that does appear under 10x magnification, she said. I wonder if you would mind glancing at this stone just to confirm we are making a wise purchase. I am thrilled to get such a large stone within our budget AND it is Hearts and Arrows!!!

From your site, I have learned that cut is the absolute most important factor. I know I diamonds and Si1 cuts can provide excellent value, and I think we have found a really special diamond. I would love to know your thoughts! Here is the link…


Whiteflash diamond


Thank you so much for your help! I am so grateful for your website!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And congratulations on your anniversary!

I reviewed the diamond from Whiteflash. It is an excellent diamond.

You can purchase this diamond with confidence!



| Anonymous Reader

Dear Sebastian,

Apologies for bugging you again… but I am curious. I was just reading on PriceScope that there can still be varying cut qualities within the Whiteflash ACA diamonds.

I honestly do not understand all of the mathematics involved in this, but I was wondering how my diamond (we bought it!) stacks up. What are your thoughts on the cut and what all the numbers say about this stone? Thank you again for your help!


Your Diamond Teacher |


The diamond you purchased is excellent. The Idealscope image is perfect.

And the crown and pavilion angles are great, which are important for optimal light reflection.

You have nothing to worry about!



| Anonymous Reader

Ok, thank you so much!! It is really scary doing this sight unseen!!!

But I trust Whiteflash and I know it is going to be beautiful. I really appreciate your help!




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