Diamond Query: Opinion on a Triple Excellent 1.70-Carat, H-SI2, GIA-Certified, Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

| Anonymous Reader

Hello Sebastian,

How are you? I am fascinated with your articles, just read a few of them and am amazed at all of your knowledge on diamonds. I wish I had known about you before my husband proposed. It doesn’t matter if I already got the ring, now I will always continue to read them…

However, I still want to know if I got a good diamond or I need to upgrade lol. So my husband bought a 1.70 carat, round brilliant cut, H color, SI2 clarity, GIA certified, excellent cut grade, excellent polish, excellent symmetry, none fluorescence. Band is plain white gold ($300) which is what I wanted.

The diamond price was $10,000 plus tax, all together it was like $11,000. It was appraised for $14,000 and we got it ensured the very next day. So now you’re the judge, do you think this is a good diamond and was the money right…

I appreciate your time and help in this matter. Thank you and have a great day!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help, however, it seems to me you have all the answers to your questions already!

The diamond ring has been appraised for more than what you paid for it. So, the money seems right.

You have a GIA graded, triple excellent, H color diamond without fluorescence and is an SI2 clarity grade. GIA is the best diamond grading institution, you can’t get higher than excellent cut, excellent polish, excellent finish. And an H color is a white diamond. So, it seems to me you have a great diamond.

Do you love it? Does it have the sparkle and brilliance that you want? I hope this helps!

| Anonymous Reader

Hello Sebastian, thank you for your promptly response. I do love the ring, it does shine beautifully. I have people asked me if it’s a 2 carat ring. I really wanted a 2 carat or something closer to 2 but it was a lot more money.

I have 2 last questions for you if you don’t mind me bugging you. First, is it true that a ring will cost a lot more just by hitting the 2 carat mark or coming close to it? Second, how is the SI2 clarity? Is that a bad clarity lol.

Thank you very much Sebastian, I was just reading more of your stuff online, can’t get enough of it.

You’re AWESOME!!!!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Hi, thanks for thinking I am awesome! Lol. And I am glad you are enjoying all the information on my website. Thank you!

It is true, once you hit the 1ct or 2ct mark the price goes up significantly. Regarding clarity grade, the main objective is that the diamond is eye-clean and the inclusions don’t impede the diamonds light performance. It sounds to me that your diamond meets those two criteria!