Diamond Query: Pairing a Blue Nile Lower Color Grade Diamond to a Rose Gold Setting for Better Value for Money

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Hi Sebastian!

My fiancé and I are currently on the hunt for an engagement ring. I stumbled across your site a little while ago and found it so so helpful – so thank you. It’s been a pleasure to read.

We live in Australia but are interested in purchasing online if it will ultimately mean better value for money – I’m thinking either Blue Nile, JA or Whiteflash. Budget is around AUD$6500 for the entire ring. Although, given we need to factor in GST/duty once it’s sent as well, the closer the $6k the better!

Ideally what I would love to buy is a 14k rose gold cathedral solitaire with a 6 prong white gold head and a 1 carat-ish round diamond (the bigger the better of course!). I would love this to be at least an excellent cut. Lower gradings for colour and clarity is where I hope to save some money and still get an eye clean diamond.

I now understand that lower colour gradings in rose gold rings can look much whiter, so I’m thinking around the I/J mark, but I’m not sure if the white gold prongs would impact that idea? I also like the idea of some fluroescence to improve the lower colour grading as well.

For the setting I would love a slim cathedral setting around 1.8mm, like this one:

Petite Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ringin 14k Rose Gold

Petite Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

But with a 6 prong head rather than 4 prong. I’ve already confirmed with Blue Nile that this can be done but I get the impression it won’t be much of a hassle at any of the major online companies.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I would love to know your thoughts on this and any diamonds you think would be best suited. I’ve had a decent look online but I always seem to end up overwhelmed and slightly dizzy! Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And I am glad to hear the information on my website has been helpful. Thank you! And congratulations on your upcoming engagement!

You can definitely consider an I, J or even K color diamond since you are setting the diamond into a rose gold setting. Have you seen different diamond colors in person? The diamond color grading scale is very subtle. It takes a color sensitive, keen eye to detect the difference in color from one grade to the next.

As far as a diamond be eye-clean from inclusions, this is achievable at any clarity grade. For cost savings, I would consider VS2, SI1, SI2 clarities. Once you have selected diamonds you are interested in, send me the links and I will provide my professional input.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply. I have seen the colour differences in person, I believe it was an E vs an I diamond, and I couldn’t detect the difference at all. I was quite surprised. I wasn’t sure if the fancy lighting in the store was playing a part in that though!

There’s one particular diamond I have been looking at on Blue Nile.

1.00-Carat Round Diamond

Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Glad to hear that you have seen different diamond colors in person and agree that it is hard to detect the difference! The diamond you have selected from Blue Nile is an excellent choice.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and put in an order with that particular diamond, but unfortunately I was contacted the following day and there is some uncertainty over its availability. BN have said they are working on it and will let me know.

With that in mind I’ve been looking at other diamonds just in case that one falls through.

1.00-Carat Round Diamond 2

What are your thoughts on this one? Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

This diamond is very nice, as well! I do want to point out that it has medium fluorescence. This means the diamond may glow blue under strong UV light. This is not a problem, I just want to be sure you are aware.