Diamond Query: Perfect Crown and Pavilion Angles vs. Hint of Yellow on Pavilion Side of an F Color Diamond

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Hello Sebastian,

My fiance and I chose the diamond below ($15,700) for my engagement ring. I have attached the idealscope image of that diamond.

Idealscope Image

Upon receiving it, I can see little hint of yellow on pavilion side when inside the car or house (my room color is light grey). I have been told that I shouldn’t be able to see any yellow with a F color by JamesAllen representative.

However, both my fiancé and I can see the light yellow hints on pavillion side, which kind of bothers me. We are having second thoughts on this diamond and don’t know if it is worth keeping. We do like the sparkle/fire that it has.

One other concern of mine with this diamond is that it has one feather inclusion. I am clumsy and is afraid of hitting my diamond and possible making the feather worse. We were looking for a 1.5 carat or larger (preferably larger), round cut, with budget of 20K without band that has the greatest sparkles and the least inclusions as possible that comes with idealscope images. How would you range inclusions from acceptable to worst?

If there is any other diamond that you would recommend, please let us know.



Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. An F color diamond is a colorless diamond, so it will not have yellow. Is the diamond set in a yellow or white gold ring setting?

You do not need to worry about the feather in a VS2 clarity grade. The diamond you have is an excellent diamond and it is exactly a diamond I would select.

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Hi Sebastian,

It is set in platinum setting. Can you please explain what you like about the diamond since I am trying to learn more about diamonds? Thank You!

Your Diamond Teacher |

The diamond’s proportions are perfect. The crown and pavilion angles are perfect. And these two angles are crucial to maximize light reflection. The table and depth fall within the preferred range. You can’t do much better!

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Okay, the 34.5 crown angle and 40.8 pavillion angle are perfect. What would be the perfect table and depth? Can you let me know what color are the crystals are in my 1.52F diamond? I heard that black ones are “bad because it is carbon”?

What is your preferred clarity level and color level? I am sorry for the multiple question. I am also helping my sister find a diamond for her. So overall, you would personally buy this diamond? Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Please see attached link to my website:


As far as crystals they are almost always black, if they are carbon. Black crystals are not bad. They will not be visible to the naked eye, especially if you are looking at VS2 and higher clarity.

As for color, that is all a matter of personal preference. And it depends on how color sensitive you are. The diamond color grading scale is very subtle.

It can be very hard to detect one color grade to the next. I would say an H color is the safest because it is in the middle of the scale. And is more price friendly. I hope this helps!