Diamond Query: Reading the Difference in Diamond Color with Whiteflash and James Allen

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for all of the information you provide! Really having a difficult time deciding between these two diamonds at Whiteflash.com. I know my girlfriend would like as big as possible, however, I'm not Warren Buffet, so I have to try and get the best bang for my buck.


Choice #1:

1.084 ct K SI1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

1.084 ct K SI1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond


This is the biggest I can find within my budget. I understand I am sacrificing a lesser color grade and clarity quality, however, it is very close to the Tolkowsky Ideal cut diamond spec. I am hoping that quality of the cut, the negligible amount of fluorescence and the fact I will be setting it in a platinum band will offset the K color somewhat. It says it's eye-clean, so I'm not too worried about seeing imperfections, since I won't ever be looking at it under a microscope.


Choice #2:

0.875 ct I VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

0.875 ct I VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond


This is also A Cut Above Hearts and Arrow diamond like the 1st choice which is close to the Tolkowsky Ideal cut diamond. Obviously, it's a little smaller but better color and clarity grades. I'm just afraid it is much smaller than the 1st choice. It's hard to tell looking at size differences looking on the internet.

Do you think a 0.875 carat will look that much smaller than a 1.084? Being that the girlfriend wants as big as possible, what diamond would you pick?


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

A warmer color diamond, such as a J or K will look more yellow in a platinum setting. The white metal will create more of a contrast against the yellowish diamond. You can use a J or K color diamond with a yellow gold setting to make the center diamond appear whiter, since it there will be less of a contrast.

My only issue with Whiteflash, is that you cannot read the diamond color in their diamond videos or images. This becomes the most important when you are looking at I, J and K color diamonds, since some there is a range of 12 shades in each diamond color. There could be a K color that is much more yellow than another K color.

On the James Allen website you can easily read the difference in diamond color. I have selected two diamonds to exhibit this. Both of the below diamonds are a J color, if you rotate each diamond into their profile position in the 360 degree video, you will see the striking difference in color between two J color diamonds.







As far as fluorescence, this can actually make a warmer color diamond like a J or K appear whiter. You just have to be okay that the diamond may glow blue under strong UV light. And there is a slight chance that the diamond may appear hazy due to the fluorescence.

As for cut, as long as the diamond is an Excellent cut by GIA or an Ideal cut by AGS, then you can be sure the diamond has the angles/proportions for it to sparkle the way you want a diamond to sparkle.

A team of highly trained and experienced Gemologists have done the hard work for you and have evaluated the diamonds to determine their cut grade. If you want to get extremely nit picky and hyper focus on the Tolkowsky proportions, we can certainly do that, however, the eye will not really detect the difference.

Regarding biggest bang for your buck, I would suggest considering .90ct, SI1 or VS2 clarity. A .90ct diamond will look the same as a 1.00ct diamond, but the price point is much friendlier.

As for size, the eye begins to detect the difference between diamond size, when there is at least .20mm between diamonds. I would look at the millimeter measurements. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!


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Thank you for your response. However, I'm a little confused both diamonds from James Allen that you chose do not seem to be the best cut quality.

I have read cut is the most important. Both diamonds only have a very good for symmetry which will not show as much brilliance as excellent. In addition, the girdle is med to slightly thick where I have read you really want thin to med. Please advise thank you!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Hi, the diamonds were to demonstrate the difference in color between two J color diamonds, only. 🙂





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