Diamond Query: Relevance of 60/60 Diamonds, HCA Scores, and Lower Clarity Grade Eye-Cleanliness

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I recently went to a store and was told that they recommend a 60/60 diamond. I found these two online that I was excited about, then someone on pricescope told me that 60/60 aren’t proportions recommended anymore. I was also told that the HCA scores were terrible and she honestly would not choose either diamond.

I’m wondering what your opinion is? I originally was only wondering if the inclusion on diamond 1 would be visible or could i be covered by a prong. Also if the clouds in diamond 2 would be noticeable.

Diamond 1:

2.52 Carat Round Loose Diamond, L, VS2, Ideal, GIA Certified

2.52 Carat Round Loose Diamond, L, VS2, Ideal, GIA Certified

Diamond 2:


Thank you kindly!

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

There are a lot of “expert” opinions out there. And you need to decide which ones you will subscribe to. We can hyper-focus on the fine tune details of the proportions/ angles of a diamond until we make ourselves crazy!

But let’s take a more practical approach, the average person cannot tell the difference between one excellent cut diamond to the next, assuming all else is relatively equal.

I understand purchasing a diamond is a big investment, financially and emotionally and deserves due diligence. Keep in mind, however, a team of highly trained and experienced GIA Gemologists evaluated these diamonds and determined based on its proportions/ angles it is an excellent cut diamond.

We can plug diamond numbers into an algorithm, such as the one behind the HCA tool, but this tool is very limited and rules out perfectly beautiful diamonds based on a mathematical equation. And yes, some people look for 60/60 diamonds because these diamonds will appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Not a bad thing, right?

Lastly, you do not need to be the least bit concerned with the inclusions in a VVS2 or a VS2 clarity. I hope my reply sheds some practical light on this process for you.

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Thank you SO much! In your opinion, which of the two would you choose? Thank you kindly!

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome. The two diamonds are comparable….the only real differentiator is the size. So, I would choose the larger carat weight diamond, since it will be noticeably larger and the price difference is minimal. 🙂