Diamond Query: Repurposing an Old Engagement Ring to Diamond Earrings with James Allen

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

I wish I have found your page way earlier! Can you please give your opinion on GIA 2155809454?

GIA Grading Report 2155809454

Also what is currently on James Allen web page that’s best value for money do you think for another 2ct? I’m thinking of purchasing another 2ct similar to the GIA 2155809454 and make diamond studs earings 🙂

Thanks heaps, hope to hear from the teacher soon! btw do you have Instagram?

I would love to follow you!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. Have you seen this diamond in person, GIA 2155809454? I am fine with the angles/proportions. It is just difficult to judge without seeing the diamond and evaluating the inclusions. Also note, the diamond has medium fluorescence, which means it may glow blue under strong UV light.

As far as finding a comparable diamond to make a pair of earrings, the second diamond needs to be the following in relation to other diamond in order for them to make a pair:

+/- 1% for table size

+/- .10 millimeters

+/- one color grade and clarity grade

After you select a few diamonds from the JamesAllen.com website email me back with the links for my review.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks very much for your reply! The mentioned GIA 2155809454 is currently in my possession, it as bought in 2013 and I didn’t know too much about diamonds then.

Its actually from a marriage that’s gone south 😞so I have been looking at trying to sell it in Australia where I live but they wanted $6000 for it!! so outrages as I paid over $20k for it! Yes don’t laugh but I did have to contribute to the ring lol

So instead of loosing so much money I thought I will try and turn it into studs earing instead. I have found 2 options that is kind of in my budget below, let me know what you think:


G, I1- looks clean but a bit oily on the surface? $11902 aud



H-I1- looks ok but table is only 54% and cut is not excellent $10961 aud

Thanks very much for looking into this, I have read on your page that’s safe to buy from James Allen, I’m in Australia and a bit nervous to spend so much online but diamonds over here are a rip off to buy brand new! so I’m trying to see what’s the best value I could get for this other diamond 😊

I read that you are also living in Belgium, it must be so lovely living in Europe I have never been and only seen it in pictures, I am planning to travel there next year to see what’s all the fuss is about!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Diamond Teacher |


It is not uncommon for the woman to contribute towards her own engagement ring. I am sorry your relationship did not work out. Out of the two diamonds you selected from James Allen, I would choose:

2.00 CARAT H-I1 VERY GOOD CUT ROUND DIAMOND SKU-15810031The reason the above diamond received a very good cut is because the depth, crown angle and girdle thickness are a bit outside the preferred range. I am not, however, concerned about that. I think for an earring it is perfectly fine.

My feeling is the diamond will be just fine with your diamond, even though the table size is more than +/- 1% compared to yours. It takes a critical eye to detect the difference. And it helps that they will not be sitting next to each other when worn!

James Allen is an excellent company with great customer service. You do not need to be the least bit worried about buying from them.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!


| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the reply, may I ask how come this 2.00 CT H I1 was choosen over the other 2.00 CT G I1 one?

If for the price I do prefer this 2.00ct H I1 one of course but the only hesitation is that it doesnt have any inscription on the diamond.

The diamond on the other hand, the price is not too bad I think for a G colour but somehow on the picture the surface of the diamond looks a bit oily or milky hence its making me a bit unsure of purchasing it.

If you can elaborate on the pros and cons of each that would be great, I’m nearing deciding and makes me feel a bit better that you think James Allen is reputable to buy even for overseas. Thanks heaps 😊

Your Diamond Teacher |

I am concerned that diamond SKU 16485749 will look hazy in person.

As for an inscription, you do not need to be concerned about this. The inclusions in the diamond are like a fingerprint. You can have a trusted local jeweler verify that the inclusions match the plot on the grading report.

I would suggest, in order to make yourself feel better, you can have James Allen bring these two diamonds into their office, assuming the diamonds are in NYC, and have their GIA Gemologist review each of them. They will tell you the pros and cons of each, so you can make a more educated decision.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!