Diamond Query: Resetting an Antique Cut Cushion Diamond

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Great post – thanks for all the info! Could I check with you how you would rate this ring:


Edwardian Ring


It's old cut, VS2, G, 1.65ct. I love it but would be worried that it may be very hard if I need to get it reset given all the tiny stones on the sides.

I also checked out the James Allen pricing tool to give me a sense of what we're being charged (just pricing the main diamond and not the little sapphires) but given it's an old cut diamond and not a (new) cushion cut diamond, not sure it's comparable?


Any advice gladly accepted πŸ™‚


Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry on the comment section of my website. I thought it would be easier to respond to you by email.

It is difficult to offer advice on something that is subjective. Does the ring come with a diamond grading report or an appraisal? I am assuming you have not seen this ring in person. From the imaging, the center diamond looks very nice.

You are correct, you cannot compare pricing of an antique cut cushion diamond with a modern cushion cut diamond. Also, I am not clear on your comment about resetting the diamond and the tiny stones on the side. Please clarify, so I can better assist you.



| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the quick response! I actually have tried on the ring twice now and it looks lovely, however I did notice yesterday that the diamond isn't fully symmetrical, assuming as it would have been hand cut.

That in itself doesn't bother me, in fact I think it makes it a little more unique, but I don't want us to overpay for something if symmetry would impact price.

The price is €14k/$16k although I'd say we should be able to get it for a bit less than that. Does that seem in the right region for a ring like this or seem overpriced?

In terms of certification, it's not currently certified but he said he could organised this for us, which I would insist on before buying. I was advised by a friend who bought an antique ring that I should get the stones reset as the old claws couldn't be trusted. If that's the case, I just thought it would be very hard to reset the tiny stones on the edges. Maybe I've picked this up wrong?! Thanks again!


Your Diamond Teacher |


The price is for the whole ring and not just the diamond, correct? Thanks for explaining your original question. I would have a jeweler check the condition of the prongs holding the diamonds.

If they look thin, bent or worn, then I would either have the prongs built up or have the diamonds reset into a new ring setting. πŸ™‚



| Anonymous Reader

Thanks Sebastian – that's good advice. Going to try to organise that this week. And yes, price for whole ring! Thanks again!




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