Diamond Query: Is This Round SI2 Blue Nile Diamond Eye Clean, Hazy, Cloudy, or Milky?

| Anonymous Reader

Hi, I’m now looking for my proposal ring. I read some articles online including yours and they are very helpful. I have finally bought a diamond ring as my proposal ring on blue nile two days ago.

However, I failed to notice the comment “Clarity grade is based on clouds that are not shown”.

This ring:

Blue Nile Engagement RingI saw it today, and I found lots of comment on the internet saying diamond with this comment is not preferred. I consulted with blue nile’s consultant online and they said the diamond is now shipping to Seattle so they don’t have visual information. However I could change the diamond before they actually ship the diamond to Hong Kong.

I have a few questions,

  1. As from the actual diamond magnified 360 Video and top view image provided by blue nile (in the link above), I don’t think it’s milky (but I’m not expert anyway 🙁 ). Is there any possibility that this is not a milky stone? Or will you recommend me to start finding another diamond now?
  2. My budget is around USD$4200 and I was finding a round diamond with these criteria
  3. i) and 1 carat.
    ii) Ideal cut
    iii) I to H color
    iv) SI2 to SI1 clarity

Is it better to find a diamond with smaller carat but better Clarity and Color? (E.g. I found this diamond which looks very good to me as well https://www.bluenile.com/hk/diamond-details/LD10053133)

Blue Nile Diamond

Sorry for the long message and thank you in advance. Looking forward to listen from you 🙂

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And congratulations on your upcoming engagement.

It is very possible that the SI2 diamond will not be hazy from the cloud inclusions, however, if you are not able to know for sure, then I would suggest changing the diamond to a VS2 diamond. Please let me know if you have additional questions!

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your reply. Would you mind to let me know the reason why the cloud inclusions would not make this diamond hazy?

Bluenile person told me they will ask their gemologist to provide them a visual when the stone arrives and will get back to me. Is there any suggestion questions that I could ask them in order to determine if the stone is hazy/milky or not? Thank you for your time!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Hi, I would wait to hear back from the Gemologist at Blue Nile. They will provide accurate feedback on whether the diamond appears hazy or not from the cloud inclusions.

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian, I got blue nile’s replay today and it is as below. The diamond is 100% “eye clean” per the vault manager that inspected it for me. The diamond is slight hazy and cloudy.

“Eye clean” means that an average layperson viewing the diamond face-up from a distance of six to eight inches would not be able to see any inclusions, but it is not a guarantee that no inclusions would ever be visible no matter how closely you scrutinized the diamond.

If you want assurance that the diamond’s inclusions would never be visible no matter how closely examined, we recommend choosing a diamond with at least a VS2 clarity.

Does “eye clean” also means that it is not milky? I am not very sure how “slight hazy” it is and how does it affect the sparkness, so I might wait for the stone to arrive. Thank you!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thanks for the information. The Vault Manager said that the diamond is slightly hazy and cloudy, which is another way of saying milky. I would say the diamond is perfectly fine.

The Vault Manager has a trained, critical eye. I doubt you will be able to see the slight haziness of the diamond. I would suggest keeping the order as is and see the diamond for yourself. I bet you will be happy with it!

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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I will keep the order and wait for it to arrive 🙂

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome! Let me know what you think of the diamond when you receive it!