Diamond Query: Sparkle and Eye-Cleanliness in VS2-SI2 Clarity and G-I Color Grades

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Hi Sebastian – first off, this is one of the more informative pages I have found on the web – so thanks so much for that! Was hoping you could offer some advice. We are choosing between 2 diamonds and wondering which you would think is the better option and should be worth more. Here are the details:

Diamond #1 Diamond #2

(I have the GIA ref for this one – 2181204714)

2.05 ct.

Color G

Clarity SI2

8.11-8.13 x 5.00m

Triple Excellent

No fluorescence

Cutlet – none

Slightly thick faceted girdle

Table – 58

Depth – 61.6

Crown – 14.5

Pavilion depth – 43

Crown angle – 35

Pavilion angle – 40.8

Star length 50

Lower-half length – 80

2.01 ct.

Color I

Clarity VS2

8.04-8.08 x 5.00mm

Triple Excellent

No fluorescence

No cutlet

Medium to slightly thick

Table – 57

Depth – 62

Crown – 15.5

Pavilion Depth – 43

Crown angle – 35.5

Pavilion angle – 40.6

Star length – 50

Lower half length – 80

Based on the details of each, please let me know which you think might be the better overall diamond and worth more. One thing to note is that diamond #1 is an SI2 but we really don’t think we can see any inclusions with the eye. However, is that even possible for an SI2 stone?

Any comments or advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. Are these diamonds from an online retailer?

If yes, can you please send me the link to each diamond for my visual reference?

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Hello! They are not from online. We went around NYC to different places. I only have the GIA reference number for one of them – diamond #2 – 2181204714. Let me know if that helps at all. Thanks again!!!

Your Diamond Teacher |

The most common objectives when selecting a diamond is that it is eye-clean, sparkly, and a color that appeals to you. Now, let’s review each:

Eye-clean: SI2 diamonds can be eye-clean. If you cannot see inclusions in this diamond and it looks sparkly and pretty to you and the price seems right then it sounds like a great choice.

Color: The color grading system for diamonds is very subtle. It is difficult for the average person to see the difference between one color grade to the next. If you are color sensitive and feel like you can see the difference between a G and I color, then you need to decide how important color is to you when deciding on a diamond.

Sparkle: Excellent/Ideal cut diamonds will do the best job reflecting light creating sparkle and brilliance.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you so much, Sebastian. You have no idea how much we appreciate an unbiased opinion. The SI2 is priced at 16,700. Does that seem like a fair price or no?

And one other question, because of inclusions, would a VS2 always be more sparkly than an SI2 if both are triple excellent or is that not correct?

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome. The price of $16,700 USD is a fair price for the 2.05ct, G, SI2. Inclusions in some SI2 graded diamonds can impede a diamonds ability to reflect light.

However, if the diamond looks sparkly and lively to you, then it sounds like this is a non-issue. The inclusions in a VS2 will not impede a diamonds ability to reflect light.

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Thank you very much! One final question, if it was you purchasing would you do an I color VS2 or a G color SI2? Provided the cuts were comparable. Let me know, thanks!!!

Your Diamond Teacher |

There are so many variables to consider, therefore it is not a simple question to answer. The best I can say is, if the SI2 is eye-clean and the inclusions do not impede light performance, then I would select this one because of the G color.

I hope this gives you more direction.

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Hi Sebastian! Hope all is well and you had a good thanksgiving. I was hoping you could give us your opinion on a diamond we found and think we like online at James Allen. It is sku 3703171. And Gia ref 7272235957. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much!

Your Diamond Teacher |

This diamond, Diamond sku 3703171, from JamesAllen.com is awesome! Perfect choice! It has perfect crown and pavilion angles for optimal light reflection.


It is an eye-clean SI1. And it is a “high” H color, meaning it is whiter in appearance than other H color diamonds. And to top it off, it receives a 1.3 score, which is Excellent for brilliance, fire, scintillation and overall light return. Purchase it!

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Thank you so much, Sebastian!!! We actually live in New York and found out we could pick 3 diamonds at James Allen and go see them at our showroom. So we picked that one and 2 others. That one definitely seems the best though.  Really appreciate your input!! Happy holidays!!!