Diamond Query: Upgrading a .25 Carat Round Cut Engagement Ring to a 1 Carat Oval Cut for 50th Wedding Anniversary

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Our 50th wedding anniversary will be in January next year. I would like to buy my wife an anniversary ring but the looks of most anniversary rings does not appeal to my taste.

Would it be awkward if I buy her a solitary engagement ring instead even though we were already married for a long time? (She is not aware of my plan) Thank you for any advice you could give!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And congratulations on 50 years of marriage! It is very common for a woman to upgrade their engagement ring on a special anniversary.

Has she received an upgrade in her engagement ring over the course of your marriage?

| Anonymous Reader

Thank You for your prompt reply and for congratulating us in our coming anniversary. If it is very common for women to upgrade their engagement ring, then I will go ahead with my plan of buying her an engagement ring. My choice is between the princess and the oval.

My wife already have the round shape. I would try the other shape this time I will be considering buying a 1 carat diamond from James Allen. I like the way they show the diamonds in 20X magnification.

I am still not sure which one will be a good choice. Are they of comparable brilliance? I am a little concerned about the bowtie effect on the oval. Which one do you think is a better choice? I understand the choice is mostly personal, but what is the general consensus regarding this two stones?

I would like to thank you for all the knowledge and information I gained from your website.

Your Diamond Teacher |

In order for me to better assist you, what is the carat weight of your wife’s current round diamond?

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

The carat weight of her current round ring is just .25 carat.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Noted that your wife’s current diamond is a .25ct round. Getting her a 1ct will be a huge upgrade!

Diamond shapes are definitely a matter personal preference. I would suggest an oval shape. It will appear larger than a princess cut diamond. It is also a classic shape.

I would suggest selecting diamonds on James Allen and then email the links to me for my review and advice. I will help you determine which oval diamond has the least bowtie effect.

| Anonymous Reader

Thank you for suggesting the oval. It is really a beautiful shape. Unfortunately, I will be ready to buy the diamond by early December, when I have the money. I do not want to waste your time finding a particular diamond for me when it is still many months away.

I definitely be buying a ring in December because our 50th anniversary will be on Jan 4 next year. At the moment I am still in the “window shopping stage”. I will contact you when the money is ready.

Examining various diamond parameters and prices, I lately realized that I might have set my goal a bit too high by wanting a complete 1 carat ring with a budget of just $3,000.00. I am not sure if I can buy an ‘eye clean’ diamond with that amount of money. I wish I had the money now so I can avail of James Allen’s 25% discount on settings.

I hope come December, they will have the same discount. I just wanted to buy a 1 carat diamond ring to impress my wife for the last time.

Your Diamond Teacher |

I feel confident that James Allen will have the sale in December. So, no need to worry.

Also, in case you are interested, James Allen does have a financing plan. I am here when you are ready! Enjoy the rest of your summer!