Diamond Query: Upgrading a 0.5-Carat Princess Cut Engagement Ring to a 2.40-Carat Round Cut

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Hello Sebastian, I came across your fantastic website. I’ve been looking at upgrading my wife’s engagement ring and getting her a 2-carat set on probably a side stone (with just a single main stone). I came across this diamond and wanted to get your thoughts on it:


Thank you so much for your time and help and any other suggestions that you can offer!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help! I am sure your wife appreciates you upgrading her diamond!

May I ask what is the current diamond that your wife has? What is the color, clarity, shape, and carat weight? The diamond you are interested in from Blue Nile is a beautiful diamond. It is an ideal cut and a very high clarity.

You said the ring you are interested in has side diamonds, correct? Do you know the color of the side diamonds? I am asking because this diamond from Blue Nile is an I color diamond and I want to be sure it nicely complements the color of the side diamonds.

Also, the diamond you are inquiring about has medium blue fluorescence. I just want to be sure you are aware of this and are okay with fluorescence.

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Thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate it. My wife currently has a .51 carat princess cut. I can’t remember the clarity or color but when I bought it I barely had any money so it’s probably not too good.

Perhaps I used the wrong term when I said a side stone mounting. I think it is called a pave but this is what I was looking at having it mounted on:

Blue Nile Studio Petite French Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

What does blue fluorescence mean? Does that mean it’ll look blue? Thanks so much. Do you think this a good setup at a good price? I’m not in a hurry as this will be for Christmas so if you think there are better things out there to wait for, I can do that too. I’m just getting started looking. Thanks again.

Your Diamond Teacher |

You started your search well enough in advance! I appreciate not waiting until just before Christmas! This will be a wonderful gift for your wife. An upgrade to a round diamond from a princess cut is terrific!

A round diamond is classic and elegant. And the ring setting you selected is very pretty and classic, as well. The small side diamonds in the ring average an H color, so this will go nicely with the I color center diamond.

Regarding fluorescence, most diamonds do not have this, however, it is also not out of the ordinary, either. This means that when UV light hits this diamond, you will see a medium blue glow radiating from the diamond! Fluorescence can also help an I color diamond look whiter!

The only potential negative is fluorescence can make the diamond appear cloudy/milky. This is not always the case and not a very common issue, but still worth mentioning. In addition, diamonds with fluorescence are priced better than diamonds without fluorescence.

And this is simply because it is an additional trait of the diamond that may leave a consumer uncertain. The more favorable price can be a motivation/incentive to purchase a fluorescent diamond. I hope I have been clear and helpful.

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You have been fantastic! Thank you so much for your help and expertise. Would you mind if I reach out to you again should I decide to look for additional diamonds?

I don’t want to bother you, but I also don’t know who else to trust. Thanks again, I really do appreciate your time.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you! I appreciate that feedback. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

I know this is an important purchase, financially and emotionally…so, let’s make sure we get it just right!

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Hi Sebastian, I’ve been doing diamond searching all day. Can you give me your recommendation for these two diamonds (one was the one I sent you yesterday)?

LD09403944 LD09445412

For this setting:

Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

I changed the setting a bit and the average color on these stone is now I instead of H (if that matters). Thanks a bunch.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Nice to hear from you! Both diamonds are a great selection. You should be happy with either one. There is a significant difference in price between the two.

The decision here, is if you feel like having an H color diamond instead of and I color diamond is worth the price difference. My thought is, the I color diamond is the way to go and it will look terrific with the new ring setting. I hope this helps!

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Thanks, Sebastian. You are fantastic.

Your Diamond Teacher |

You are very welcome. My pleasure. And thank you! Let me know how it goes!

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If I make the purchase I’ll let you know. Otherwise I’ll likely be in touch if I find another one.

Thanks again.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Sounds good!

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Hi Sebastian,

Quick question. I’m considering spending a lot more money and moving to perhaps get a 2.4 carat instead of a 2.0. Is the difference in these carat sizes noticeable? In short would the more money be worth it in terms of my wife being able to see the difference? Thanks.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Yes, the difference between these two sizes is noticeable. A truly noticeable difference in carat weight starts when there is at least a 0.20ct weight difference between diamonds.

Let me know if I can be of additional help.

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Hi Sebastian, I just came across this one:


What do you think?

Your Diamond Teacher |

It is a great diamond. It looks to be a high “I” color, meaning more white than other I color diamonds. It has an excellent crown angle for more optimal light reflection. It is a very pretty diamond.

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Hi Sebastian, this is my last question. I found one other diamond that appears similar to the one I sent the other day. So, which of these two would you recommend (price difference is minimal)?

LD09405144 LD09203522

Thanks so much.

Your Diamond Teacher |

I would select Stock Number LD09203522:


The pavilion angle is better than the other one, which means better light reflection.

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Thanks, Sebastian. I’ll probably purchase that one then. Thanks again for your time. It is really nice of you to share your expertise with folks like me so we don’t get ripped off. I really appreciate it.

Your Diamond Teacher |

Excellent! I am sure you will be happy! It has been my pleasure to help you!

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate your time!