Diamond Query: Upgrading a Triple Excellent 1.3-Carat F-VS1 Round Cut to an Eye Clean 2.25-Carat H-SI2 Round Cut

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I have a 1.3 round brilliant, VSI, F color, no fluorescence, 61% table, symmetry and polish are good—all details from my GIA Certificate. Would you trade it in for a 2.25 round brilliant, H color and SI2 even though it is officially a “Triple Excellent” rated stone?


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. My first question is, have you seen the 2.25ct round in person?



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So generous of you to reply!  At my age, I never can decipher what is an actual company or a hoax. I have not seen the stone yet. I plan to go next week. The jeweler is a 5th generation Gemologist and watch maker from Switzerland.

Thirty years ago he came highly recommended amongst my colleagues in law. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi, I understand where you are coming from. I even wonder that sometimes when I am exploring things on the internet. But not to worry, I am a real person, not a hoax.

The diamond you are considering sounds like a great upgrade from what you have. My only reservation is the SI2 clarity. I am reassured that you will see the diamond in person.

If the diamond looks eye-clean, and the inclusions to not impede the diamonds ability to reflect light, and the price is fair, then it seems like a nice selection for an upgrade.



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What a noble gesture to reply! As you noted, I am quite alarmed by an SI2 GIA Certificate grade. I am just not educated enough on “Triple Excellent “ gradings for cut, symmetry and polish. The battle of what matters more is beyond confusing. I almost feel like my current bridal set,(purchased in 1989), was too steeply priced.

Estimated trade-in value is $8-$10k for my center round brilliant 1.3, and the 2.25 Triple Excellent is only $20k. I watched a program that you mention on New York’s 47th Street Diamond district and am now even more confused!


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You needn't be scared of an SI2 clarity grade, as long as you will have the opportunity to see the diamond in person to make sure the inclusions aren't visible and don't interfere with light performance.

It seems to me you are doing your due diligence with such a significant purchase.



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You are so unique, and at my age I am entitled to declare you angelic!

So much so, I was wondering what state your store is located in case it’s possible to visit you for a professional assessment. I have my GIA Certificate handy and I can get the number of the larger stone. I just want to be sure I have done all my research properly.

Thank you so very much for your overly kind assistance!


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Wow! Angelic! Thank you! I do not have a store. My services are only online. 🙂



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An old lady like me should have known that! Please pardon my rudimentary mistake.

You definitely are an angel to offer/assist people who have not committed to purchasing from your company. Honest gemologists are more rare now than when I first started looking decades ago.

Sliante,(Gaelic for good life/health etc)





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