Diamond Query: Visibility of Inclusions at the Center of the Table and Overall Sparkle on James Allen Round Diamonds

| Anonymous Reader

First off, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous value you provide with your site. I went from knowing virtually nothing about diamonds to being able to confidently speak to the 4Cs.

Your site has been very helpful in helping me narrow down my diamond search. I have been searching diamonds from 0.8-0.9 carats, G-H color, SI1 to VS2 clarity, in an excellent cut. Budget is around $5,000 (including setting). I am reaching out to get your opinion on this diamond:


James Allen Diamond 1


My questions to you regarding this diamond:

– Will it be eye-clean?

– It scores a 2.4 on the Holloway Cut. I realize it is not “Super Ideal” but it is pretty close. Does this mean I should move on to a different diamond or will the difference be negligible?


Your Diamond Teacher |


Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. And I am glad to hear that the information on my website has been so helpful. Thank you for the feedback!

The diamond you selected from JamesAllen.com is a very good choice. Some of the proportions are outside the suggested range, however, it does not concern me in the least.

The diamond is eye-clean and the inclusion will not impede the diamonds ability to reflect light, which is great. It is a triple excellent diamond and will offer the sparkle you expect a diamond to have. I say you can purchase this diamond with confidence.

Please let me know any additional questions you have!



| Anonymous Reader

Thanks so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I will reach out with any more questions!


Your Diamond Teacher |


You are very welcome!



| Anonymous Reader

Hey Sebastian, I am still in the process of finalizing my decision and came across this diamond:


James Allen Diamond 2


It appears to be a good value given the characteristics and cut quality. I am a little worried about it being eye-clean due to the mark in the center of the table. Do you anticipate this being eye-clean or negatively impacting the brilliance?


Your Diamond Teacher |


My apologies for my delayed response. The diamond is definitely eye-clean!



| Anonymous Reader

No worries, Sebastian. Thanks again for your assistance. I am going to go ahead and purchase this diamond!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Terrific! I am glad I could help. I'd love to hear back from you after you receive the diamond!



| Anonymous Reader


I was going through old emails and realized I never gave you an update. She said yes!


She Said Yes


I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks again for resources and assistance. It made the purchase process a lot easier!


Your Diamond Teacher |


Beautiful! And congratulations!! 🙂




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