Diamond Query: Visible Inclusions, Fluorescence, and Ring Metals that Make the Diamond Appear Whiter

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HI Sebastian,

I’d love your thoughts on this gem. I’ve been looking for something that’s 1.8-1.9 ct, si1 or better and perhaps G colour or better in a white gold setting, in excellent cut. I’m still on the fence about FLUORESCENCE, I’ve seen strong blue at times whats that mean? How can I tell if its eye clean??

Love your site thank you for your endless knowledge!

1.81 Carat J-SI1 Excellent Cut Diamond:

GIA 3315004893


Ps. Is my gem combination correct for a best value/quality purchase? I’m all about saving where I can haha! Kindest Regards!!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

Have you seen this diamond in person? If it is from an online retailer, do you have a video or images to share with me of the diamond?

Medium fluorescence can make a J color diamond appear whiter. Just keep in mind, the diamond may glow blue under strong UV light. And there is a slight chance the diamond may appear hazy.

Also, what metal are you going to use to set the diamond? Yellow gold, white gold or platinum? And are there any side diamonds in the ring setting?

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Hi Sebastian, here are some more options.

I’m going to have the ring in more of a solitaire style white gold setting. I have not seen these diamonds in person yet as my jeweler is sending me these options to choose from. From your articles I hear the term eye clean how can I tell if it is eye clean?

What I want is a 1.8 CT to 2.0 CT diamond gs1 or better clarity and g or better colour if possible. Here are my options so far within my budget he’s sending me but I’m not to sure what direction to go to get close to what I want.

1.66 Carat H-Si1 Excellent Cut Diamond:GIA 6305947323


1.51 Carat G-SI1 Excellent Cut Diamond:

GIA 5191715115


1.53 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Diamond:

GIA 7306854428


1.70 Carat J-VS2 Excellent Cut Diamond:


1.33 Carat F-SI1 Excellent Cut Diamond:

GIA 1541531912485

What’s the best pick and why? I hear that yes a J colour will look whiter and brighter on a white gold setting (which I am doing) but milky or hazy under uv light (sun light)? Is it that noticeable???

Where can I go from here? I feel the first one but in a bigger carat weight would be ideal???

Your Diamond Teacher |

Once the jeweler receives the diamonds for you to look at, use your eyes to determine which one looks the best to you. This purchase requires due diligence, since it is a large purchase financially and emotionally, however, let’s not over think this.

The great news is, a team of highly trained and experienced GIA Gemologists already did all the hard work for us…..they carefully evaluated the diamonds and determined that they are all triple excellent…..this means that their proportions/angles fall within the excellent range.

Now, your job is to look at them, in person, and decide which one you like. As far as eye-clean, when you look at the diamond with your unaided eye, do you see any inclusions?  If no, then it is eye-clean.

Regarding color, once you see the diamonds in person, determine if you can detect the difference in color between them. The diamond color grading scale is very subtle. It is hard to see the difference from one color grade to the next.

As for the ring, the information you heard is incorrect. A warmer color diamond, such as a J color, will look whiter in a yellow gold ring setting. The reason being is, there is less contrast in color. If you place a J color in a white metal, the J color diamond may look warmer against a white metal versus a yellow metal.

Diamonds only look milky or hazy for the following reasons:

– Strong fluorescence

– Heavily included

– Oils from the skin, lotions, etc…coating the diamond

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Thanks for your tips, I did a bit more digging and I found this one and am considering it.

1.70 Carat J-VS2 Excellent Cut Diamond:

GIA 1307718362

It’s 1.7ct vs2 J colour faint fluorescence. White gold setting. It seems to tick all the boxes? From the looks of it, it’s eye clean too if I’m correct? Is 1.7 CT vs 2.0 CT a big difference?

Your Diamond Teacher |

A VS2 will be eye-clean. Faint fluorescence is a non-issue. Just know that under strong UV light, the diamond may glow blue.

I would suggest setting a J color in yellow gold prongs on a white gold ring. The yellow gold prongs will make the J color appear whiter.

As far as size, look at the millimeter measurements to compare diamond size. A general rule of thumb, is that the eye begins to pick up a size difference when there is at least .20mm difference between diamonds. 🙂