Diamond Query: Will an I Color Diamond Appear Yellow in Person?

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Hi Sebastian,

I bought a diamond from James Allen and would like your opinion on it. I know it's not the best of the best, but I wanted to stay around 5000-5500 for the diamond. My fiance was in on selecting it and she wanted this one even though it's an I color.

I originally didn't want to go below an H color. Is this a decent cut diamond and will the I color appear yellow in your opinion. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help. I do not see an attachment of the diamond?



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Hi Sebastian, Sorry, I thought that I attached it. Here it is attached to the email.




And here is the James Allen link to the sold diamond. Thanks so much for your time!


James Allen Sold



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This is a great diamond! It has excellent proportions and angles. It is graded as an Excellent cut by GIA. It is a white “I” color, no need to worry there.

Keep in mind, the color grading system is very subtle. And there is a fine line between what makes a diamond an “H” versus an “I” color, for example.

I do want to point out that it has strong fluorescence. This means that it may glow blue under strong UV light. And there is a slight chance that the strong fluorescence can make the diamond hazy/oily.

Do you have the diamond in your possession, yet?



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Thanks Sebastian,

I feel better now. I didn't know about the blue fluorescence causing haziness or an oily appearance.

If it is too bad I guess we can return it to JA. I found that most diamonds in my price range had strong blue fluor. My fiance wants 1 ct and I am not looking to spend more than 5,500 on the diamond alone.

Total was looking at around 6k for ring and diamond. The selection was further limited because she didn't like most SI1 diamonds and preferred looking at VS2 clarity. So I didn't see much better in my price range. I don't have the diamond yet. It is almost ready to ship.


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You're welcome! Let me know what you think of the diamond when you receive it.

I'd love to hear back!



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Hi Sebastian. We received the ring from JamesAllen. I think that it looks amazing. I don't see any yellowish tint and it looks really white to me for an I color. I attached a photo. It is a six prong solitaire setting so not much is seen from the side really.


James Allen Ring


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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photo. And letting me know how much you like the diamond!





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