Diamond Query: Will a SI2 Diamond’s Feather Inclusion Be Hidden with a Prong?

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian, I am looking for 3.6-4.0 carat, excellent cut, J color and VS2 clarity round diamond. The carat weight is important for me but I am looking for an eye-clean piece.

In my search, I have found an SI diamond on James Allen. I have never owned/bought an SI diamond and hence want to check with you.


What is a bit worrying is that the plot looks relatively clean for an SI2 diamond. I am unable to understand if the piece is cloudy or what exactly is driving this lower clarity grading.

The diamond looks good under 40x to me and hence would appreciate your expert guidance. Please let m know what you think. Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to help!

The SI2 diamond is excellent! It is absolutely an eye-clean SI2. Based on the inclusions listed on the plot, I am actually a bit surprised that it has been graded an SI2. It seems to be an SI1 clarity grade to me.

It says “additional clouds are not shown and surface graining is not shown”. And these are inclusions that can impede the diamonds ability to reflect light.

So, there is a chance that the diamond may appear less shiny and bright. My gut feeling, however, is that this diamond will be fine. And will appear sparkly. It is currently unavailable. Did you put in on hold? Are you located in the United States?

If yes, I would purchase it and if it doesn’t look good to you in person, you can return it with free shipping. Please let me know your additional questions.

| Anonymous Reader

Hi Sebastian,

Just a quick follow up – I think you missed it but there is a large feather at 1 o’clock position near the girdle. I think that is the reason pushing the grading to SI2. Given that it is near the girdle, do you it risks chipping or can it be hidden with a prong? Thanks!

Your Diamond Teacher |

Hi, I didn’t miss the feather. I can clearly see it in the video and it is indicated on the plot.

I would hide it with the prong.

| Anonymous Reader

Thanks Sebastian. That was my thought too. If I can hide it with a prong, then it seems fine. But I have read people saying that putting prongs on large feathers makes them more susceptible to chipping and can cause a diamond to even break. Do you think that is a possibility?

Your Diamond Teacher |

Diamonds aren’t indestructible; however, it is unlikely that the diamond will break.

And the prong does not apply much pressure to the diamond.

| Anonymous Reader

Great! Thanks Sebastian. I will keep you posted.