Where is the Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings in 2018?

Your first step in this journey is the great realization – a mind-boggling experience for any fella!

With that, let me first bid my congratulations. 😉

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Now, here we are on your second step – the search!

As a modern man, you initially ask Google because consulting the internet isn’t taboo anymore. In fact, it has become our favorite confidante when we want to know where to eat, where to go, or what to buy. The same goes for big purchases like gadgets, cars, and even houses.

But that begs the question: Is online also the best place to buy engagement rings?


And so, we meet in this space that I’ve created to help you guys truly know what the heck to do.

Because, trust me, I’ve been there as well! But in my case, I had to ramble my way into jewelry stores and websites before knowing the universal method in finding a diamond worth her “yes!”

So, don’t falter my friend. I'm going to show you the easy way – at least for this bit! Because there’s much more ahead in your search.

The following text will be your roadmap to the best place in buying an engagement ring. Not only the one that she will love, but also a diamond that won’t put a hole in your pocket!

Let’s start with the age-old question – WHY.

Why Should I Trust Online Diamond Shops for Engagement Rings?

If you’re old-school, you must think there’s nothing romantic about buying engagement rings via phone or laptop.

But let me tell you that the same emotional effort goes into searching, learning, choosing, and finding the right ring may it be online or through a brick and mortar store.

saleslady in brick and mortar store for engagement rings

And aside from being way easier, it’s also actually more practical to buy online because physical stores have less rings with commissioned salespeople and high operating costs allowing online shops to offer prices 30% – 70% less!

Other dilemmas include losing engagement rings in the mail, being scammed, or simply not seeing the diamond in person. However, you won’t experience these with legit vendors. On the contrary, you will get a certification and your shipment will be insured!

Now, about seeing that ring in person, this is what makes online shops even better than brick and mortar stores. If you don’t know yet…

The Best Online Diamond Shops Offer These Features for Engagement Rings:

man online shopping for engagement rings

Once you’ve picked the carat weight, shape, and color that you like and saw how reasonable the prices are, it will be much easier to decide on the other 4Cs with the help of exceptional features.

It will eventually save you money because having picked every aspect of the ring will make it unlikely for you to change or upgrade it in the long run.

Here’s what you’ll see on a reputable digital diamond store!

A Closer Look into Diamond Clarity and Sparkle


More and more people choose to buy online because of high tech features that constantly evolve.

I think we can all agree that viewing your desired diamond in an online shop’s 20x magnification loupe is much better than seeing it in a physical store with only a 10x loupe. Add in the salesperson’s pushy dialogue that’s meant to score a commission more than to truly inform.

With modern shops’ magnified images and high definition videos, you won’t be buying blindly. So, if you come across a website that don’t provide videos nor pictures, you know what to do: skip it!

Let me give you an example:





If you’re buying a diamond within the VS2 – SI2 range, this clarity feature is where you can save money! By having a closer look at these two diamonds, you’ll be able to see for yourself that the one on the left is eye clean. Without this tool, you wouldn’t notice that the diamond on the right has visible inclusions.

You may also view their symmetry and sparkle, so you can choose better! And who doesn’t want a visual treat for free?

After discovering an exquisite diamond for your girl, you’ll need to put her personality into the mix.

She may forever be starry-eyed by the diamond’s sparkle, but the ring setting will display her flair, uniqueness, and who she truly is.

Wide Selection of Settings and Metal Types for Engagement Rings

The best online diamond shop should exhibit an extensive array of ring settings and metal types. Because no woman wants to be labeled as basic. Unless she’s a fan of minimalism – well, that’s a different story!

You should see different styles, from rose gold to platinum metals, and traditional solitaires to modern tension rings, in a top vendor’s collection.

        • Ring Setting Types for engagement rings

          Setting Types

        • Metal Types for engagement rings

          Metal Types

So, having found your diamond and ring setting, a superb online store should then let you see how your choices will look like when paired together. Not to mention, in super zoom!

This might drive you to push the “Add to Cart” button right away, but the search features doesn’t end here just yet.

Certificate of Appraisal from GIA and AGS


Diamonds from legit online shops are accredited by the top gemological labs in the US – GIA and AGS. Having a certificate guarantees the 4Cs and overall excellence of the gem.

There are also unreliable grading labs and fake reports, so it’s best to have your diamond bear a seal of quality from these trusted labs.


Read my post on the best grading labs if you want to know more about GIA and AGS diamonds.

And finally, a reputable vendor should also offer this:

Hassle-free Returns and a Lifetime Guarantee

approving engagement rings

Top diamond shops usually provide free returns and free shipping given that it’s less likely for you to have problems with the ring upon seeing it in person because you knew exactly what you’re getting.

A world class shop is committed to great quality and will repair or maintain your ring for a lifetime.


I can think of a couple of brands that possess all the features above. But, this online diamond shop surpasses the norms because of its breakthrough technology and refreshing approach.

James Allen: The Diamond Shop that Changed How We Buy Engagement Rings Today!

James Allen Engagement Rings

James Allen is currently the best place to buy engagement rings online. I've actually based all the outstanding features and examples above on their website because they set the bar higher for quality and reputable diamond stores on the web.

James Allen is best known for these trailblazing features:

Intuitive Diamond Search Tool

2612 Results for Diamonds between 0.90ct and 0.99ct

When you begin your search, you’ll be introduced to a filter tool that will let you see your desired ring. The best thing about this tool is that it’s neatly laid out for you to thoroughly narrow down your search into the best ones available! No tricky questions. No fuss, just a smooth filter.

360° HD Diamond Videos up to 40x Zoom


James Allen is dubbed as the “leader in 360° diamond display technology”. They’re the only one that will let you view your gem to up to 40x magnification and in HD 360° videos.

And that’s way better than brick and mortar stores! Because honestly, you won’t really notice the detailed brilliance and unwanted inclusions in a physical shop’s 10x loupe even if it’s in person.

Click Here To Check out James Allen Now

They also provide 3 Idealscope or ASET images for free! With these, you may compare the light and visual performance of different diamonds. It’s like scanning gems face-to-face, but more vivid and without a pushy sales pitch!

I recommended James Allen because my goal is for you to get the biggest bang for your buck. But if you have a bigger budget or if you’re into fancy color diamonds, these shops below also fit the criteria above.

Alternative Routes to Exquisite Engagement Rings

Brian Gavin-Leibish-Whiteflash Engagement Rings

Brian Gavin is among the pioneers of the Heart and Arrows pattern which is recognized for its perfect symmetry and light performance. He is known for his unnerving passion for the best cut imaginable.

While Whiteflash shares the same vision to present only the best with their A CUT ABOVE signature series. As for fancy color diamonds and rare gemstones for engagement rings, the best choice is none other than Leibish & Co.

Roadmap Epilogue


Use this diamond field guide to find an engagement ring that will speak to her and at the same time, be worth your money.

The tools above are styled to guide you with complete ease and security. So, all you have to think about is the next step – which is your proposal.

If you have questions, drop by the comments section below or email me. It’s always a pleasure to help! 🙂



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